Why don’t you try a room with an open-air bath for your next hot spring trip with your partner or children?
Enjoy the indulgence of staying in a luxury room with a private outdoor bath.

Recommended Rooms with Open-air Baths

Why stay in a room with an open-air bath?

  • ■ You can take a bath together: If you’re going on a trip to hot springs, why not enjoy the main event together?
  • ■ Any time, however many times: You can take as many baths as you like, whenever you like.
  • ■ No worries about overcrowding: At a popular Onsen ryokan, the large public bath is often crowded. If you want to feel truly relaxed, staying in a room with an open-air bath would be your best option.
  • ■ Safer for small kids: In the case of a family trip with children, having a private bath allows parents to chill out more without worrying about their kids using the large public bath.
  • Hokkaido Prefecture > Shikotsu-ko Onsen

    写真:しこつ湖鶴雅リゾートスパ 水の謌

    Shikotsu-ko Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizu no Uta

    This beautiful resort is a 30-minute drive from Chitose Station and a 40-minute drive from Chitose Airport. Its open-air baths with sodium-carbonated saline not spring will soothe your daily fatigue. The restaurant boasts a menu using locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

  • Kanagawa Prefecture > Gora Onsen

    写真:箱根強羅温泉 季の湯 雪月花

    Toki no Yu Setsugetsuka (Kyoritsu Resort)

    All rooms feature a comforting Japanese atmosphere, equipped with an open-air bath made of Japanese cypress. The large public bath and private baths showcase the beauty of each season. The baths only use pure hot spring water that comes directly from the source.

  • Ishikawa Prefecture > Wakura Onsen

    写真:白鷺の湯 能登 海舟

    Shirasagi no Yu Noto Kaisyu (Kyoritsu Resort)

    Hokuriku region’s first hotel affiliated with the Kyoritsu Resort opened in Wakura Onsen, which boasts a history of 1,200 years since the hot spring was founded. The second hotel, named “Kaisyu” under the Kyoritsu Resort group, following the first in Nanki Shirahama, is an ocean-view inn overlooking the Nanao Bay.

  • Shiga Prefecture

    写真:里湯昔話 雄山荘

    Satoyu Mukashibanashi Yuzanso

    This ryokan stands against the beautiful Satoyama landscape of Omi overlooking Lake Biwa. It has a total of 51 rooms with open-air baths. The chef, who received the Master Craftsman of Omi award, is proud of his cuisine which has a particular focus on local ingredients.

  • Mie Prefecture

    写真:いにしえの宿 伊久

    Inishie no Yado Ikyu (Kyoritsu Resort)

    All rooms have an open-air bath with rich forest views from the windows, giving you a sense of connection with the Ise Grand Shrine. Staying in this ryokan would make your Ise pilgrimage even more special.

  • Tochigi Prefecture > Kinugawa Onsen

    写真:鬼怒川温泉 あさや

    Asaya Hotel

    Enjoy a dreamy, exciting and memorable trip to the highest altitude open-air baths with a hanging garden in the Kinugawa Onsen area. The buffet offers as many as 100 dishes ranging from Japanese and Chinese to Western cuisine. It would be an unforgettable experience to stay at the private onsen in the Hachibankan, the ryokan’s only room with an open-air bath, or a Japanese/Western-style room equipped with an outside bath and stunning view.

  • Niigata Prefecture > Senami Onsen


    Taikanso Senami no Yu

    The wonderful location right next to the beach offers colorful seascapes, glorious sunsets and a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan. You can enjoy its large, gender-separated, open-air baths near the shore with abundant hot water. It would be perfect for relaxing with your loved ones in one of their private rooms with open-air baths.

  • Mie Prefecture


    Kashikojima Hojoen

    This is a Japanese-style resort ryokan, with an expansive view of the Ago Bay, known as the sea of pearls, right next to the hotel. The special rooms on the 10th floor have a bath offering sea views 35 meters above the ground. You can feel relaxed and enjoy both dinner and breakfast in the dining area of your room while overlooking the beautiful bay.

  • Kagoshima Prefecture


    La Vista Kirishima Hills (Kyoritsu Resort)

    A premium resort named “View (La Vista)” opened in December 2018. All rooms are Western-style, equipped with natural hot spring open-air baths. Enjoy a blissful bathing moment while admiring one of the most magnificent landscapes in Kyushu.

  • Kanagawa Prefecture > Gora Onsen


    Merveille Hakone Gora

    This hotel is conveniently located near Gora Station, the most common terminal for sightseeing in Hakone! Its proximity to Gora Park makes it even more ideal for your trip. It features an exquisite Japanese atmosphere, providing rooms with private open-air baths made of Japanese cypress. This is a strongly recommended choice for a wide range of travel groups, from couples to families and friends.

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About rooms with open-air baths FAQ

What makes the room with an open-air bath so special?

On a trip to a hot spring with your partner, it would be a shame to be separated when enjoying the main attraction. Don’t worry! A room with an open-air bath will guarantee your opportunity to bathe together. It will also be perfect for a family trip with small children. Taking children to a large public bath may cause different concerns, such as changing clothes, having them use a shared bathroom, and potentially, misbehaving in public. In your own room with an open-air bath, you can enjoy privacy as much as you want!

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