Beautiful seas and mountains, skies full of twinkling stars—extraordinary views of nature are truly inspiring and relaxing.
This article features our list of hand-picked recommendations for hotels where you can enjoy spectacular views from their facilities such as rooms, terraces and/or baths.
Why don’t you consider appreciating an experience of perfect relaxation at a hotel with stunning views embracing you?

Hotels with spectacular views

Hokkaido Prefecture > Noboribetsu

Kokoro no resort umi no bettei furukawa

Spectacular view point
This hotel offers different spectacular views of the energetic Shiraoi area, from unimpeded ocean views to skies full of stars at night.
You can fully enjoy the changing scenery over time from various locations, including the open-air baths that make you feel connected directly to the Pacific Ocean, footbaths and hammocks on the outdoor terraces and open-air oceanfront rooms.
Tochigi Prefecture > Kinugawa Onsen

Asaya Hotel

Spectacular view point
This hotel boasts the highest altitude open-air baths with a hanging garden in the Kinugawa Onsen area. Enjoy the luxurious experience of taking a bath with a view of the mountain range that showcases the beauty of each season, or under the night sky full of stars—it seems like you could almost catch them!
Their proven hospitality with a history of 130 years as well as various in-house facilities for entertainment and relaxation, such as karaoke booths and playrooms for children, let everyone enjoy themselves with peace of mind.
Kanagawa Prefecture > Hakone > Miyanoshita Onsen

Hakone Ginyu

Spectacular view point
This hotel is embraced in a peaceful valley, approximately 420 meters above sea level. From the entrance and lobby on the top floor, you can enjoy the landscape of the Hayakawa River below, as well as the magnificent Hakone mountain range that showcases the beauty of each season right in front of you.
They offer large public baths with spectacular views where you can bathe and feel connected directly to nature. In addition, each room features a private open-air bath on the open terrace, letting you appreciate the rich scenery and hot spring as much as you want.
Kanagawa Prefecture > Hakone > Kojiri/Togendai

Ashinoko Hanaori

Spectacular view point
This is a relaxing hot spring resort ryokan nestled in the nature of Lake Ashi in Hakone.
It features the lobby that showcases a panoramic, screen-like view of Lake Ashi, footbath counters and two large baths with elaborate designs. Here, you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and feel the nature of Hakone with all five senses. In particular, the outdoor waterbed terrace is so spectacular that it has been talked about as a breathtaking view point on Instagram.
Mie Prefecture > Kashikojima

Kashikojima Hojoen

Spectacular view point
Their open-air baths with a beautiful garden overlook the Ago Bay so close as to let you feel as if you were part of the sea. You can enjoy various scenes in different colors, such as blue and red, each time in the morning, afternoon, evening or night.
The open-air baths in the garden are filled with approximately 30,000 pearls of the Ago Bay; they sparkle in the sun to add even more color to the stunning scenery.
Don’t miss a moment of true relaxation in this inviting travel destination.
Hiroshima Prefecture > Onomichi

Bella Vista Spa & Marina Onomichi

Spectacular view point
This is a hideaway resort; time passes so peacefully amidst serene scenery that you lose track of time by simply gazing out at the sea.
Known as the Aegean Sea of the Orient, the unique view here is often likened to one of the embayments of the Mediterranean Sea. You can fully enjoy this special scenery from various parts of the hotel, including your room and the garden deck.
There is also a lounge on the deck with a water feature that leads to the sea, where you can spend an extraordinary time appreciating the sea breeze at sunset, listening to the sounds of the waves, looking at a flickering flame lit in the evening and stargazing.
Kagoshima Prefecture > Yakushima

Sankara hotel & spa Yakushima

Spectacular view point
Located in the southeast of the World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima, this hotel stands on a hillside with a deep green backdrop against the mountains overlooking the sea. It should bring you a rich green fragrance and a refreshing breeze.
The skies of Yakushima are so crisp and clear that stars seem to be about to fall and the Milky Way shines silver, especially in the summer.
The pool offers a great spot to feel relaxed—and a hidden corner to watch the sunrise, too!
Okinawa Prefecture > Miyakojima

Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda

Spectacular view point
You have it all here—tropical trees and flowers rustling in the wind, lagoons with sea turtles swimming peacefully and views of the blue ocean from the terrace that spread out as far as the eye could reach.
Every experience you have with your five senses here will be absolutely unforgettable.
The hotel offers some rooms with private pools, jet baths and gazebos. Choose your ideal style of accommodation and enjoy a relaxing moment in this extraordinary space right next to the blue ocean.

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