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Tohoku Coupon for 2 or more consecutive nights Release3 Recommended Accommodations

In the beautiful country of Japan with its four seasons, we introduce the recommended sightseeing and lodging destinations in winter season in Tohoku area.
There are “Juhyo (frost covered trees),” in Yamagata Zao, surrounded by frost covered trees filling the whole of the snowfield, “Ginzan Onsen” with its pure white snowy landscape, “Matsushima,” one of the three most scenic spots in Japan and other must-see places.
Why not look for a travel destination in Tohoku that you can only experience during the snowy winter season?

※Last updated:January 25, 2024

  • ANA Crowne Plaza Resort Appi Kogen

    Iwate Prefecture > Appi plateau
    About Hotels
    A highland resort hotel surrounded by clean air and nature.
    You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the powder snow slopes in front of the hotel in winter, star gazing and firefly- watching in summer, and autumn leaves in fall.
    Basic Information
    【Address】Appi Kogen, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture
    【Nearby attractions】Appi Kogen Ski Resort
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  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yamagata Ekimae

    Yamagata Prefecture > Yamagata
    About Hotels
    Opened in July 2021, about a 3-minute walk from JR Yamagata Station. We recommend this hotel as a base for sightseeing in Yamagata, including attractive spots such as Yamagata Zao, popular for its frost covered trees, hot springs, and ski resorts, and Ginzan Onsen, popular for its nostalgic townscape.
    Basic Information
    【Address】2-9 Saiwaicho, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture
    【Nearby attractions】Zao Onsen Ski Resort
    【By car from hotel】About 40 minutes
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  • Hotel Metropolitan Sendai

    Miyagi Prefecture > Sendai
    About Hotels
    Sendai’s leading hotel directly connected to JR Sendai Station.
    Enjoy a luxurious stay in guest rooms and the fine taste of locally produced foods in restaurants. The hotel is conveniently located as a base for sightseeing in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, and the Tohoku region.
    Basic Information
    【Address】1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
    【Nearby attractions】Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort
    【By car from hotel】About 60 minutes
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  • Recommended Sightseeing Spots

    Ginzan Onsen is popular for its nostalgic townscape. The clear Ginzan River flows through the center of the hot spring resort, and wooden ryokan stand side by side on both banks. The gas lamps are lit at dusk, and the townscape on a snowy night is especially moving.

    Yamagata Prefecture ▷

    Matsushima is one of Japan’s three most scenic spots with more than 260 islands. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the four seasons: Matsushima with snow, Matsushima with cherry blossoms, and Matsushima with autumn leaves. There are many attractive spots where you can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, and moon viewing reflected on Matsushima Bay.

    Matsushima ▷

    This year marks the 38th year of the “Pageant of Light,” a wintertime tradition in Sendai, held along Jozenji-dori, a symbol of Sendai and a place of recreation and relaxation for local citizens. Approximately 500,000 LED lights on 129 zelkova trees will illuminate the city of Sendai with countless twinkling lights.

    Miyagi Prefecture ▷

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