Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri bank) campaign
This is the special discount campaign for Krungsri Consumer Credit Card, Krungsri Debit Card, Krungsri Boarding Card

Limited to Bank of Ayudhya Discount Campaign

Campaign Period
  • Campaign Period:2024/2/15~2024/5/30
  • ※Campaign may end before the end of campain period.
  • 7*% discount from the total amount (excluding tax)
  • *Up to 7,000JPY per booking
  • *Use when necessary and pay back full amount on time to avoid 16% interest rate.
Applicable condition
  • ① Payment by credit card issued by Bank of Ayudhya
  •  *Not applicable if pay at hotel
  • ② Booking by clicking “Book Now” on this page
  • ・By booking using this campaign, you have agreed to JAPANiCAN’s Term’s of Use.
  • ・This discount campaign applies to all properties nationwide excluding properties not eligible for discount coupons.
  • ・Amount after the discount will be displayed on search screen and booking form screen for properties to which this campaign is applicable.
  • ・Please confirm the amount before completing payment to see that the discount has been applied.
  • ・Discounts cannot be applied nor changes be made after the booking is completed.

What is Bank of Ayudhya?

Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Bank) was established on January 27, 1945 and is currently the fifth largest bank in Thailand in terms of loans and deposits. Krungsri offers a full range of banking services to both corporate and individual customers.

Q & A

Q.How do I apply the discount?

A.Please make a reservation from the button above. Discount will be applied automatically. Also, check the amount to see if the discount has been applied before completing the payment.

Q.Which credit cards are eligible?

A.Only Krungsri Consumer Credit Card, Krungsri Debit Card, Krungsri Boarding Card are eligible.

Q.Why doesn’t the discount amount show up?

A.Discounts may not be applied for reasons such as the communication environment. Please make a booking again from the button above.