LA JOLIE元町by WBF La Jolie Motomachi by WBF / ラ・ジョリー元町by WBF

LA JOLIE元町by WBF Review

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客房 : 4.9 服務 : 4.7
餐食 : 4.8 風呂/Spas : 3.7
地點 : 4.9 交通方式 : 4.4



女性 / 30-39歳 / 香港


客房 : 5.0 服務 : 5.0
餐食 : 5.0 風呂/Spas : 5.0
地點 : 5.0 交通方式 : 5.0
發表日: 2018/11/08 住宿日: 2018/11/03 餐食條件: 餐食自理
客房類型: 雙人雙床房
方案名: 連住2-6晚

满意 房间大 还有私人风吕 地理位置来说很近函馆山 自驾也很方便


男性 / 30-39歳 / 台灣

親子 (幼兒、兒童)

客房 : 4.0 服務 : 4.0
餐食 : 4.0 風呂/Spas : 3.0
地點 : 4.0 交通方式 : 4.0
發表日: 2016/08/21



男性 / 30-39歳 / 德國


客房 : 5.0 服務 : 5.0
餐食 : 5.0 風呂/Spas : 4.0
地點 : 5.0 交通方式 : 5.0
發表日: 2018/09/30 住宿日: 2018/09/28 餐食條件: 帶早餐
客房類型: 雙人大床房

A very beautiful smallish hotel. The location is great for sightseeing in Motomachi. We very much enjoyed the high-quality breakfast: you can even have salmon roe! My favourites were their panna cotta and yogurt with fruit coulis though...
The room was a good size with a great view on Mount Hakodate. The hotel has relatively few rooms so it is a bit quieter. I also liked the long happy hour with free drinks in the lobby. As Hakodate does not seem such a party town, this is a nice way to spend a quiet evening.


女性 / 20歲以下 / 新加坡


客房 : 5.0 服務 : 5.0
餐食 : 5.0 風呂/Spas : -
地點 : 5.0 交通方式 : 3.0
發表日: 2018/05/29 住宿日: 2018/05/19 餐食條件: 帶早餐
客房類型: 雙人雙床房
方案名: Buffet Breakfast with All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Plan

The location is walking distance from the Hakidate ropeway station and Redbrick Warehouse.

This means its quite a distance from the Hakodate JR station for those who are coming via train.

My friends and I drove, and there was a designated free parking lot behind the hotel (but you have to go to the front desk for them to assign you a specific lot).

The hotel decor was very luxurious and European.

As others mentioned, the hotel buffet breakfast was fantastic, with a good selection of western food and raw seafood rice bowl.

You can also book the private onsen for a certain timeslot.

And there is a happy hour from 5-9pm every night where they have free flow alcoholic drinks in the hotel lounge.

I would definitely recommend this place for visitors to Hakodate, if you drive.


男性 / 60歳以上 / 澳洲


客房 : 5.0 服務 : 4.0
餐食 : 5.0 風呂/Spas : 2.0
地點 : 5.0 交通方式 : 5.0
發表日: 2017/10/25 住宿日: 2017/10/23 餐食條件: 帶早餐
客房類型: 雙人雙床房

Easy walk to Russian & Greek Orthodox churches; tastefully furnished in French style. Breakfast in bright, glassed room with external views was outstanding: superb Japanese dishes exquisitely presented plus delicious patisserie items freshly baked. Pineapple was sweet & ripe. Even an open bottle of champagne plus mineral water to dilute your morning glass of champagne!

They have a public bath, not an onsen, which I didn't get to for lack of time.

Loved this place; one of the best I've stayed at in my 5 weeks of touring Japan, and for very reasonable price. Tip: If arriving by taxi, give hotel phone number to driver. Two drivers I used could not find this place even when shown location on Google maps. The location is not obscure, it's simply too small & non mass-market to be well known.

男性 / 40-49歳 / 中國


客房 : 5.0 服務 : 5.0
餐食 : 5.0 風呂/Spas : 5.0
地點 : 5.0 交通方式 : 5.0
發表日: 2018/02/20 住宿日: 2018/02/15 餐食條件: 帶早餐
客房類型: 雙人雙床房
方案名: e路东瀛特价方案


女性 / 40-49歳 / 韓國


客房 : 5.0 服務 : 5.0
餐食 : - 風呂/Spas : 3.0
地點 : 5.0 交通方式 : 4.0
發表日: 2016/12/30

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