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อิริโอะโมะเตะ - โรงแรมและเรียวกัง

Iriomote-jima Jungle Hotel Painu Maya (Iriomote-jima Jungle Hotel Painu Maya )
Iriomote-jima Jungle Hotel Painu Maya (Iriomote-jima Jungle Hotel Painu Maya )
อิริโอะโมะเตะ, ทาเคโทมิ
Located on the largely untouched island of Iriomote in a subtropical jungle of rare animal and plant life, this hotel is situated away from the local residents — you may even see a rare Irimote cat, and the star-studded sky at night is not to be missed. This hotel also has programs, services and facilities to promote environmental protection by showing the granduer of nature to its guests. Try one of the eco tours and visit Painumaya Adventure Park.
Yaeyama Kanko Ferry round-trip tickets between Ishigaki and Iriomote islands are offered at a special rate for staying guests.
Please purchase the tickets at the Iriomote Tourist Information Center inside the Ishigaki Port Rito Terminal.

For transfers between Ohara Port and the hotel, please use a route bus.
For staying guests who are checking in, a free ticket for the route bus will be provided at the Iriomote Tourist Information Center (formerly Jugon shop) at the Ohara Port. Please get your free tickets at the counter.
A pick-up service is available even after the last route bus has departed, but the service is on an advanced reservation system. Please make sure to contact the hotel for pick-up service reservations before departing Ishigaki Island at the latest.
Reservation: Iriomote-jima Jungle Hotel Painu Maya (Tel: 0980-85-5700)
Informing the hotel staff if you will be arriving by rental car, etc. will be much appreciated.