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ฟุจิเอะดะ - โรงแรมและเรียวกัง

Hotel Ole
Hotel Ole
ฟุจิเอะดะ, ชิซุโอกะ
[Hotel Ole]
This is a city hotel located in the city of Fujieda in Shizuoka Prefecture.
The hotel is directly connected to the south gate of JR Fujieda Station, so even on rainy days guests can arrive without getting wet.
This convenient location is less than 1 minute on foot from the station.
There is also a shuttle bus service (fee required) operating from Shizuoka Airport to Fujieda Station, so transportation is quite convenient.
For guests arriving by car, there are 4 affiliate parking areas near the hotel (indoor, outdoor, and a parking structure).
The parking fee is free for staying guests.

The hotel has 144 guestrooms.
So that guests may enjoy a relaxed, high-quality space within this simple hotel brimming with an essence of modernity and warmth, all guestrooms are provided with 18 sqm of space or more.
All guestrooms are equipped with a bathtub, shower, washroom toilet, and air-conditioner.
Free Wi-Fi, a ‘handy’ rental smartphone, room wear, Laura Ashley shampoo, toothbrushes, and other hotel original amenities are also provided.
Amenities are also available for purchase at the front desk.
Why not buy a souvenir to commemorate your stay?

For breakfast, there is a breakfast buffet that provides a Japanese/Western-style menu of more than 50 popular dishes prepared with local ingredients.
Vegetables are fresh 808 Factory vegetables grown without the use of pesticides. Additionally, the Fujieda specialty of morning ramen and the hotel’s original Fujieda roll cake are also available.
Local, in-season vegetables and more are provided each season, so guests can enjoy a full variety of flavors from the morning.

The hotel features a large communal bath.
The men's side has a dry sauna and the women's side has a mist sauna.
These are available throughout the night from check-in at 15:00 to 10:00 the following morning.
For the breakfast venue across from the large communal bath, staying guests can use the space as a lounge until 22:00. Non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, and more are provided free of charge.

The 2nd floor of the hotel is the restaurant floor.
There are a total of 6 establishments, including Numazu Uogashizushi (a sushi restaurant which uses fish sourced from Shizuoka Prefecture), a soba noodle restaurant, an okonomiyaki restaurant, a teppanyaki restaurant, and French restaurant.
The 1st floor also has a small-scale shopping area, cafe, and more.

Located in an area just a 15-minute drive from the hotel is Rengeji-ike Park. This park features around 260 trees of Fujieda City’s wisteria, and the Japanese garden and jumbo slide are just a few of its highlights.
Horai Bridge - certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest wooden bridge with a total length of 897.4 meters and a width of 2.4 meters - is just a 20-minute drive away. During the evening, this is lit up, so visitors can enjoy the mystical scenery.
The concierge desk provides information for other sightseeing areas from 16:00 to 20:00.

[Phiten Special Rooms]
This is a special room equipped with relaxing items from Phiten, a brand favored by many top athletes.
The pillows, mattress, duvet, foot massager, and air purifier are all Phiten branded.
And there is a present of 5 Phiten items in the guestroom.
Enjoy pleasant comfort in a space decked out with Phiten goods.

Fujieda Station - the closest station to the hotel - is in a great location about 35 minutes from the airport via an airport shuttle bus (JPY 500 one-way).
Fujieda Station Departures bound for Airport
6:30, 7:40, 10:30, 12:40, 14:15, 15:50, 18:30

Airport Departures bound for Fujieda Station
11:55, 13:25, 16:30, 17:45, 19:35, 20:45

*This information is from March 2019. Please check for the latest information.
Depending on road conditions, etc., the bus may be late.

Hotel Ole, which is convenient for access to the airport, is quite popular for stays on the day of arrival or the day before departure.
From Fujieda Station (JR Tokaido Line), South Exit: About 1 min on foot.
By car: About 5 km (about 10 min) from Tomei Expressway Yaizu Fujieda Smart IC. Head towards Fujieda Station.
Hotel Route-Inn Fujieda Ekikita
Hotel Route-Inn Fujieda Ekikita
ฟุจิเอะดะ, ชิซุโอกะ
Just a 7-minute walk from the nearest station, this hotel offers a breakfast buffet, a large shared bath, free parking, and heartfelt service with friendly smiles.
From Fujieda Station (JR Tokaido Line): About 7 minutes on foot.
By car: Exit the Tomei Expressway at Yaizu IC and continue for about 20 minutes (10 km).