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มัตสึบะระ - โรงแรมและเรียวกัง

Guest House Ioly Osaka
Guest House Ioly Osaka
มัตสึบะระ, ซากาอิ
All guestrooms are Japanese-style rooms with brand new tatami flooring, so guests can enjoy the fragrance of the new soft rush used in the tatami. The neighborhood is home to a group of old tombs from the old capital which have been registered as a World Heritage, as well as a shrine, hot spring, and winery!
From Itami Osaka International Airport: About 46 min by taxi at around JPY 10,000; about 30 min by bus at around JPY 640 (as of Aug. 2019).
By train: Take the JR Line to Tennoji Station. From there, walk to the neighboring Osaka-Abenobashi Station, take a semi-express train for 1 station, change to a local train, and take that for 1 station to Eganosho Station. It is about 8 min on foot west from there.
From Eganosho Station (Kintetsu South Osaka Line): About 8 min on foot; about 3 min by taxi at around JPY 680 (as of Aug. 2019).
By car: Exit the Hanwa Expressway at Matsubara IC and drive straight south.