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ดูที่พักในย่านต่างๆ ของซุโอะ-โอะชิมะ


ซุโอะ-โอะชิมะ - โรงแรมและเรียวกัง

Suo-Oshima Onsen Hotel Daikanso
Suo-Oshima Onsen Hotel Daikanso
ซุโอะ-โอะชิมะ, อิวะคุนิ
Come visit this hotel and enjoy the Enka-bath facing the whirling current of Seto, and fresh seafood dishes.
Hotel and Resort Sunshine Sazan Seto
Hotel and Resort Sunshine Sazan Seto
ซุโอะ-โอะชิมะ, อิวะคุนิ
This spa and resort faces the warm Seto Inland Sea. You can relax in the comfortable guestrooms in the southern European style buildings. The open-air bath is surrounded with flowers and there is a view of the white sandy coast spread out below.
[From JR Hiroshima Station]
(1): Take the Shinkansen to JR Shin-Iwakuni Station (20 min). It is about 80 min by car from there.
(2): Take a train to JR Obatake Station via JR Iwakuni Station (75 min). There is a free shuttle bus service available from JR Obatake Station (approx. 30 min, reservation required).

*To JR Hiroshima Station:
- From JR Tokyo Station: 240 min via Nozomi Shinkansen.
- From JR Kyoto Station: 100 min via Nozomi Shinkansen.
- From JR Shin-Osaka Station: 90 min via Nozomi Shinkansen.

By car: Exit the Sanyo Expressway at Kuga IC and continue along Route 437 for about 60 min.

Shuttle Bus
- Pick-up: departs from JR Obatake Station at 9:45 / 14:10 / 15:45
- Drop-off: departs from hotel at 8:45 / 10:40 / 15:00
*One-way trip takes about 30 min.
*To use this service, please contact the hotel in advance and make a reservation.