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ฮิระกะวะ - โรงแรมและเรียวกัง

Hotel Apple Land
Hotel Apple Land
ฮิระกะวะ, ฮิรากาวะ
The hotel has a shuttle bus service from Hirosaki Station for easy access.This hot spring inn is located in central Tsugaru, making it a great choice for sightseeing. The popular apple bath and the natural free-flowing alkaline bath will rejuvenate both body and soul.

[Hotel Guide]
- Bar: ‘Hime Ringo’, Hours - 20:30-23:00. Seats about 70 people, equipped with karaoke.
- Shops: There are 2 locations in the hotel, each with an extensive lineup of Aomori special products and handicrafts. Hana-kan Wing, 1st Floor: 7:00-21:30; West Wing, 1st Floor: 9:00-21:00.
- Taxi Reservation: If not busy, a car will be dispatched to the entrance in about 5 minutes. Please contact the front desk to use this service.
- Laundry Service: Not available.
- Massage: Reception available from evening to 23:00. While this service generally operates every day, there may be times when it is closed.
- Pool: Not available in hotel.
- Meals: In-room dining not available.

[Vicinity Guide]
- Golf: There are 2 locations within 30 minutes of the hotel, and 2 locations within 1 hour of the hotel.
Tsugaru Kogen Golf Course & Biwanodai Golf Club: Within a 30-minute drive from the hotel.
Aomori Royal Golf Club & Aomori Country Club: Within a 1-hour drive from the hotel.

- Convenience Store: There are 2 locations within a 5-minute walk of the hotel.
- Shopping: There is a drugstore and supermarket within walking distance of the hotel.

[Sightseeing Guide]
- Seibien (famous garden from the Meiji Period): 10 minutes by car.
- Saruka Shrine: 10 minutes by car.
- Hirosaki Park: 30 minutes by car.
- Hirosaki Apple Park: 40 minutes by car.
- Shirakami-Sanchi: 60 minutes by car.
From Hirosaki Station (JR Ou Main Line): Transfer to the Konan Railway and take a train bound for Kuroishi to Hiraga Station (about 13 min). It is about 15 min on foot or about 5 min by taxi from there.