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อาคุเนะ - โรงแรมและเรียวกัง

Shioya Hostel Akune
Shioya Hostel Akune
อาคุเนะ, อะกุเนะ
Travel with an at-home feel. This lodging features a spacious kitchen for cooking and a shared common room. It's a quiet environment for rest and relaxation.
From Akune Station: Around 8 minutes on foot.
By car: When coming from Fukuoka, exit the expressway at Minamata IC; when coming from Kagoshima, exit the expressway at Satsumasendai-Mizuhiki IC. Follow Route 3 heading towards Kagoshima Bank Akune Branch.
From Kagoshima Bank, Akune Branch: 1 minute on foot
Taxis deliver guests to within a meter of the premises.