Yukai Resort Hotels and Ryokan

With our slogan of “making Japanese hot springs close to you”, Yukai Resort offers top notch service and facilities all at reasonable prices, making it easier for everyone to enjoy Japan’s hot springs.

Features of Yukai Resort

1. Reasonable room rates including buffet!

Yukai Resort offers plans including room and board (two meals) starting from just JPY 8,100. A delicious buffet is provided for both dinner and breakfast, featuring a wide variety of selected menus including local specialties and seasonal cuisine.

2. High quality natural hot springs!

All hotels and ryokan of Yukai Resort provide natural hot springs and a variety of bathing and spa facilities including open-air baths, large communal baths, foot baths, and saunas! (*Availability varies by location.)

3. Latest check-out at 12:00noon, your own choice of Yukata,and more free services are available!

Make the most of your stay at Yukai Resort with free services like table tennis, karaoke, comics library, internet access, and massage chairs. In addition,we provide you a wide selection of Yukata. No rush and enjoy your relaxing morning until 12:00noon of check-out time.
*Services and facilities vary by property. Fee will be required for karaoke service after 7:00 p.m.

Message from Yukai Resort

Yukai Resort is proud to offer our guests the utmost in service and hospitality at reasonable rates. Guests from around the world are welcomed to enjoy a new style of hot spring inns with us. High quality natural hot springs, our breakfast and dinner buffets featuring a wide variety of tasty dishes, and a range of additional services and facilities are available at our properties. We cordially invite you to relax and unwind at Yukai Resort when you visit Japan!

List of Yukai Resort   

*The prices listed below are inclusive of tax.

Hokuriku Region


Tokai Region

Kansai Region


Chugoku Region and Shikoku