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Shuri Castle & Okinawa World Course (With Multilingual Audio Earphone Guide, Round Trip from Naha)

Reviews of Shuri Castle & Okinawa World Course (With Multilingual Audio Earphone Guide, Round Trip from Naha)

4.0Based on 41 reviews

These reviews are written by customers after joining this tour.

Score Breakdown

Destination(s) : 4.1 Food : 3.8
Schedule : 3.9 Lodgings : 4.0
Guide : 4.2 Other : 3.8

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Mr. / 20-29 / Thailand

Solo Traveler

Destination(s) : 1.0 Food : -
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 3.0 Other : 1.0
Reviewed 08 Nov 2018 Tour Date 07 Nov 2018

Almost missed the bus because of outdated boarding point map, I had to call the customer service just 5 minutes before the tour start to learn I had to take a wake to another boarding point. Destinations were too boring for young traveler. Tour guide was speaking Japanese only, and the Guide Pen was useless, since it provides very short information about each destination. Schedule was on-time. Overall, it was a boring experience, and not recommended for those who can't speak/listen to Japanese, because tour guide communication was limited and you can't get the most out of Okinawa with this tour.


Ms. / Under 20 / Thailand

Family with Older Children

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 3.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : 5.0
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 06 Jan 2018

Very good.


Ms. / 30-39 / Singapore

Married Couple

Destination(s) : 3.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 4.0 Other : -
Reviewed 23 Dec 2017

It will be better to have a guide who can speak English / Chinese, so we can understand her and gain more from the tour. The audio guide pen is a good idea but only gives us some info on the destinations. It will be better if it can be incorporated to introduce us to sights along the way (especially since we do not understand the guide in Japanese language).


Ms. / 60+ / Sweden


Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 3.0
Schedule : 3.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 1.0 Other : -
Reviewed 19 Nov 2017

Our guide spoke not a word English. She seemed to be a nice person a talked a lot, probably giving information about the sites we visited and about Okinawa but since we do not speak Japanese it was quite boring. The information given by audioguide was VERY short and not worth anything. The time could be spent a bit different, it was very short at the historical sites. If there is no English speaking guide the information given on the audioguide could be a lot better.


Mr. / 30-39 / Germany

Solo Traveler

Destination(s) : 4.0 Food : 2.0
Schedule : 1.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 3.0 Other : -
Reviewed 07 May 2017

Bad but good be better!!!
If you are interested in the history of the sites or want to actually see them- forget it- there is no time.
Time was very limited except for the Okinawa World and that place sucks because its like a shopping mall with some minor attractions. (native dance and music, picture with a snake for 1000, a long underground cave)
For the castle, navy bunker- we only rushed in and out.---no time to read any sign or explore. For the peace museum and school kids cave we didn't even go in and the things the tour guide explained outside were only in Japanese. I cut lunch short for the school kids cave museum and it was worth it.
Long story short. If you are really interested in those history places take the bus and safe the money for this tour. Would not do it again.


Ms. / 50-59 / Thailand

Family with Older Children

Destination(s) : 4.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 25 Mar 2017

Appreciate this guide very much. She is smile girl , very nice and speak English well. I never see the guide entertain guests by singing a song and explain a lot of Okinawa culture and history. It will be better if she explained in English same as Japanese so that I can understand more.. Overall, I love this tour and will recomend my Thai friends to spend their times with you.


Mr. / 60+ / United States of America (Hawaii)

Married Couple

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : 4.0
Guide : 5.0 Other : 4.0
Reviewed 11 Mar 2017

Should have English earphone while tour guide is talking on the bus.


Mr. / 20-29 / Germany


Destination(s) : 4.0 Food : 2.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : - Other : -
Reviewed 28 Sep 2016

The tour was fun and the guide spoke little English, but was kind. The first stop could use fifteen more minutes and the vegetarian menu is a bit tasteless. In the last stop, there are a lot more things to do, so it would be great to know of an alternative way to go back to Naha and having the possibility to finish the tour there and spend more time in Okinawa World.


Mr. / 20-29 / Moldova

Solo Traveler

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 5.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : 5.0
Reviewed 24 Feb 2016

Thankful for the tour operator and tour guide for an outstanding job! The locations we've visited and explored were very interesting and allowed to understand better Okinawan role in Japan's old and modern history.

Tour guide was both thoughtful and professional in carrying out her duty. Especially appreciated introduction of Okinawan music and dialect.

All in all, satisfied with the tour.


Ms. / Under 20 / Australia

Family with Older Children

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 5.0
Schedule : 2.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 4.0 Other : -
Reviewed 03 Oct 2015

Great tour, but nowhere near enough time at each stop. It was VERY rushed to the point that we didn't see everything properly at each stop. It would have been better not to include Okinawa world, which was ok, or just include time for the cave there and spend more time in other places.

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