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1-Day Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour (Return by Shinkansen) (With Lunch) [Departs from Asakusa, Ginza & Shiba]

Reviews of 1-Day Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour (Return by Shinkansen) (With Lunch) [Departs from Asakusa, Ginza & Shiba]

4.1Based on 511 reviews

These reviews are written by customers after joining this tour.

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Destination(s) : 4.3 Food : 3.8
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : 4.0
Guide : 4.4 Other : 3.9

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Ms. / 40-49 / Australia

Family with Young Children

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : 5.0
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 03 Oct 2019 Tour Date 29 Sep 2019

Wonderful tour! Sonoe San was excellent tour guide and made our trip very pleasant. At 5th station the weather was cloudy and we couldn't see the top of Mt Fuji, but the trip on the lake and the cable car gave us plenty of options to see the mountain and take beautiful photos. The Japanese style lunch at Fuji Q restaurant was nice and satisfying, but a tour member got astray at the entertainment park and the whole group had to wait about 40 min on the bus while the guide and the driver were trying to locate the missing person.Overall experience was worth it and I highly recommend this trip to other travelers.

Don E.

Mr. / 60+ / United States of America


Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 4.0 Other : -
Reviewed 05 Sep 2019 Tour Date 14 Aug 2019

Made the best of the tour despite the terrible weather. Had heavy rain at times throughout the day. Could see nothing of Fuji fro 5th station, but got a glimpse from the coach on route to Hakone. Saw nothing but fog on the ropeway.


Mr. / 40-49 / Australia

Family with Young Children

Destination(s) : 3.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 02 Jul 2019 Tour Date 24 Jun 2019

Our small family undertook this tour last week. Unfortunately, though we were able to get to 5th station, visibility was dismal and we didn't get a view of the peak. Not much that can be done, but fair warning it was very disappointing. Not a glimpse of the mountain at any stage. The destination, and indeed the tour, is *highly* weather dependenent - be warned.

In all honesty, the lake cruise was pleasant (as the weather cleared momentarily) but the bad-weather alternative to the rope climb, was poor.

On the plus side, our tour guide Makoto was phenomenal. He was affable, informative and energetic all day. The Shinkansen was also great.


Mr. / 50-59 / Hong Kong

Married Couple

Destination(s) : 4.0 Food : 1.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 29 Jun 2019 Tour Date 28 Jun 2019

Time at Mt Fuji was not enough


Mr. / 30-39 / Germany


Destination(s) : 1.0 Food : 2.0
Schedule : 4.0 Lodgings : 4.0
Guide : 2.0 Other : -
Reviewed 01 May 2019 Tour Date 30 Apr 2019

Why are you proposing tours in April and May even though the weather is bad? Never book in April or May. Last year and this year we couldnt make it to the first station because of avalanche. You couldnt even see the mountain. We wasted now two times money.. however I know Japanican is not responsible for the weather, they could at least do not offer tours in April and May.


Ms. / 30-39 / Japan

Family with Young Children

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 5.0
Schedule : 3.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 4.0 Other : -
Reviewed 29 Apr 2019 Tour Date 22 Apr 2019

Were not able to visit the 5th station of Mt Fuji, but was able to see the mountain at the 4th station. A bit crowded on each stop which caused my family to be late on each location. Only had 15 minutes to visit the Hakone Shrine; wish we had more time to visit the area.


Mr. / 20-29 / United Kingdom


Destination(s) : 2.0 Food : 5.0
Schedule : 1.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 2.0 Other : 1.0
Reviewed 17 Mar 2019 Tour Date 09 Mar 2019

We honestly felt ripped off on this tour. The day before this tour had been beautiful and the day of the tour was scheduled to be the same also, so we booked. But after many delays due to Sunrise Tours making a mistake with bus numbers etc, we were told that we would only be going up to station 1! We later find out that it is very unlikely for a tour to be able to go up to 5th station before the month of April due to Fuji San’s climate . . . something JTB knew about long before anyone books! To make matters worse, when we finally get to the Komagatake ropeway, it is too windy so they shut it 10 mins before we arrived. Yes, I understand Sunrise Tours cannot control the weather, but if their mistakes hadn’t delayed us in the morning, we would have made it! Our consolation prize for missing the views and temple? An aquarium. This trip would be worth doing in the Summer, but in the winter/early spring, don’t bother because you’ll be left feeling ripped off.


Mr. / 30-39 / Philippines

Family with Older Children

Destination(s) : 4.0 Food : 5.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : 5.0
Reviewed 27 Feb 2019 Tour Date 26 Feb 2019

It was my second time to avail of this tour. The 1st was with Harry-san in 2011. The 2nd was with Rie-san. We were assisted by Rayko-san at the pickup point and handed us over to Rie-san to commence the tour. The bus was very comfortable and had power outlets to charge our gadgets. Rayko-san was very kind and friendly, and so was Rie-san. Rayko-san was correct to say that Rie-san was charming. My mother who was with me really enjoyed our trip from start to end because of Rie-san's expertise to make the tour very informative and comfortable for us, so much so that even if Mt.Fuji was unfortunately covered with clouds all day except for a very brief moment while we were at the 4th Station, we were still very happy. The bus driver (forgot his name, sorry) was also very kind and I appreciate his expertise in carrying us safely throughout the trip. Domo arigatou gozaimashita, Rayko-san Rie-san and Driver-san for making my mother's 1st trip to Japan very special!

Mt Fuji and Hakone Tour

Ms. / 50-59 / United Kingdom

Solo Traveler

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 4.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 18 Feb 2019 Tour Date 17 Feb 2019

Great day out thanks to the variety of sights and the informative narrative of the tour guide. Our guide's constant sunny smile and friendliness was an added bonus.

A must do!

Mr. / 50-59 / Australia

Married Couple

Destination(s) : 5.0 Food : 5.0
Schedule : 5.0 Lodgings : -
Guide : 5.0 Other : -
Reviewed 11 Feb 2019 Tour Date 10 Feb 2019

From the pickup by bus to the Shinkansen return, the day was a delight.
Heartily recommend.

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