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[Discount] Snoopy Museum Admission Ticket

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Snoopy (©Peanuts Worldwide LLC)
Snoopy (©Peanuts Worldwide LLC)

1. Customers will be provided with an advance purchase ticket, priced at JPY 1,800 (23 years-old and older), JPY 200 cheaper than the same-day ticket price!
2. Normally, museum visitors designate admission time beforehand, but with this ticket, it is possible for visitors to enter the museum at any time.
3. The Snoopy Museum, where visitors can meet Snoopy, the world-famous character loved by many, was opened in Roppongi, Tokyo. Being called the holy land for Snoopy fans, the Snoopy Museum is the first overseas branch of the Schulz Museum, and has creator Charles M. Schulz’s early works, original drawings, treasured vintage goods, documents, and more on display.
4. In the museum, visitors can enjoy Brown’s Store, the museum shop which carries a variety of original goods, as well as Cafe Blanket. (separate charges required)


Duration approx. 1 days.
Req. per Booking 1 - 20 guests
Req. to Run Tour 1 guest(s)
Guide Service Not Available
Tour Guide/Conductor Language Not Available
Audio Guide Not Available
Audio Guide Language Not Available
Included Snoopy Museum admission ticket
Not Included Cafe, gift shop

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5.0 /5 Guest Review

by Woodstock U.S.A.   /  07 Nov 2017

Snoopy museum If you love Snoopy, or the Peanuts in general, you absolutely MUST visit the Snoopy museum in Tokyo. I can't even begin to imagine the work that goes into the exhibits here. The entire museum's presentation changes every 6 months. Not only in the exhibition space, but also about 80% of the merchandise in the retail store. Having worked in retail land wholesale for decades, I have to tip my hat to these folks for pulling all of that off. Also, don't skip the cafe. It is absolutely adorable with a menu that borrows heavily from the themes in the comic strip. Very well worth your time and money!

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