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Fixed-price Kanazawa City Sightseeing Taxi (180-minute Course from 9:00)

Sightseeing Tours

Bookings for this plan are made not for the number of participants, but for the number of taxis to be used (4 passenger capacity).
Kanazawa Taxi
Kanazawa Taxi

1. An English-speaking driver will guide you through the streets of Kanazawa, arranging the trip to match your preferences.
2. Set your preferred pick-up spot for any hotel in Kanazawa City!
3. Efficiently tour around popular areas like Kenrokuen Garden, Higashi Chaya District, Omicho Market, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, and more.
4. Make use of this when visiting Kanazawa for an academic conference, meeting, or other work-related visit.
5. The charge is just JPY 18,000 per vehicle! Ride 4 to a vehicle and you’ll get a real bargain! (Seats a max. of 4 passengers)


Departs Kanazawa
Visits Kanazawa
Duration approx. 3 hours.
Req. per Booking 1 guest(s)
Req. to Run Tour 1 guest(s)
Guide Service Not Available
Tour Guide/Conductor Language Not Available
Audio Guide Not Available
Audio Guide Language Not Available
Included Taxi fare (1 compact taxi), Driver service charge, Associated taxes
Not Included Transportation fees to the meeting location, tolls for any toll roads used, parking fees, admission fees to charged facilities (Kenrokuen, etc.) while sightseeing, meals

The information displayed for this tour is valid for the next possible departure date. This date was automatically selected. Please select a departure date to show the most accurate information for that date.


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