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90-minute All-You-Can-Eat Crab Dinner at Ore no Sapporo Honten (Kegani Crab, Snow Crab & Grilled King Crab)

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Meal for 4 people (Photo for illustrative purposes only)
Meal for 4 people (Photo for illustrative purposes only)
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1. Enjoy an original Hokkaido seafood dinner menu that features all-you-can-eat grilled king crab! Corporate headquarters in Hokkaido, close to the shop, enables fresh crab to be offered at this price. Enjoy crab to your heart's content.
2. [All-you-can-eat Kegani Crab, Snow Crab, and Grilled King Crab (90 min)]
Includes 90 min. all-you-can-eat kegani crab, snow crab, and grilled king crab; kinki fish hotpot; 3 types of sashimi; kobachi dishes; crab and salmon rice bowl; and dessert.
3. This plan also includes a cash back discount on taxi fares to the restaurant (up to JPY 1,000 per taxi!).
4. This plan features an original menu.


Duration approx. 4 hours.
Req. per Booking 1 - 10 guests
Req. to Run Tour 1 guest(s)
Guide Service Not Available
Tour Guide/Conductor Language Not Available
Audio Guide Not Available
Audio Guide Language Not Available
Included Meal charges
Not Included Drink charges

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