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  • Simply put, a ryokan is a Japanese-style inn. From the traditional and often historical architecture of the ryokan itself to the layout and accoutrement of the rooms therein, all infused with a careful level of attentive, sincere service to deliver a quintessentially Japanese experience.
  • It is important not to mistake a ryokan as simply somewhere to stay. The tradition of omotenashi -- "hospitality" -- is a strong one at ryokan, considered akin to welcoming you in to their home. While, with a hotel, we pick a destination and then book a hotel nearby, with a ryokan, we pick a ryokan and that is the destination. Here a few reasons why:
  • ①Full board - A ryokan stay includes both dinner and breakfast (typically).
    ②Yukata - Shed your everyday outfit upon arrival and don a kind of light kimono provided by the ryokan.
    ③Baths - Relax with the help of a good soak.
    ④Personal care - Enjoy attentive service from a nakai, a dedicated attendant.
  • Another integral part of most ryokan (and the ryokan experience) is their surroundings, like stunning scenery and soothing natural hot springs. The way a ryokan blends with and employs the nature around it is an important facet of the ryokan culture.
  • Staying at a rykoan typically runs about JPY 10,000 per person for a night (meals included), though there are luxury ryokan that can exceed 10 times that rate. As a standard, a stay at a ryokan includes both dinner and breakfast, but in response to travelers' needs, many ryokan are also starting to offer room plans (and rates) with breakfast only (half board) or even no meals (room only). offers a wide range of both ryokan and room plans at these ryokan, so you're sure to find something that matches your preferences and budget.
  • When staying with children, it is common for the child rate and services provided to vary depending on the child's age, chiefly, if separate bedding is required or not and adjustments made to the included meals. Many ryokan offer four different "child types" to choose from, which you can confirm during the booking process when adding children to your booking.
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    Ryokan FAQ

    1. Are tax and service charges included in the price?

    Tax and service charges are included in the price listed, and tips are unnecessary. For ryokan with hot spring facilities, a minimal hot spring tax may have to be paid at the ryokan, but this is only at most a couple hundred yen per person.

    2. Is the price the same regardless of how many people stay in the same room?

    Depending on the size of the room and other considerations, the number of guests staying in a given room cannot exceed that room's predetermined capacity. Within that capacity, the room rate per person goes down with the more people sharing the room, but since adding the cost for meals and service charges is necessary, simply dividing the standard room rate by the number of guests may not come out to the actual price.

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