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Shizuoka Prefecture, located in the foothills of Mt. Fuji, is rich in natural scenery, hot springs, and local cuisine! We go in-depth in this exclusive! The warm climate means cherry blossoms bloom as early as February!

JAPANiCAN Selects: The best views of Mt. Fuji!

A view of Mt. Fuji from the sea

A view of Mt. Fuji from Suruga Bay
A view from the ferries running between Shimizu Port and Toi Port.

  • Yoshiwara Tea Fields

    The signature sight of Japan!
    See Mt. Fuji looming large above green tea fields. Photographers descend on this area in summer to snap the vivid green leaves in their first flush. On warm mornings following a rain, you will sometimes see a sea of clouds.

    Access: accessible only by car. Renting a car at Shimizu or Shizuoka Stations is advised.
    *This area is made up of farm roads, so observe safe driving and stay within your lane.

  • Miho no Matsubara

    Scenes out of a woodblock print!
    The beautiful views of Miho no Matsubara have featured since ancient times in classical poems and been depicted in woodblock prints. This site is inscribed as a World Heritage site for its connections to Japanese artistic and cultural traditions.

    Access: Miho bound bus from JR Shimizu Station (about 25 mins.) Disembark at Miho no Matsubara Iriguchi. 10 mins' walk from there.

  • Nishiizu (Heda-Toi coastline)

    Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay bathed in golden light
    The Heda through Toi coastline spans the north of Nishiizu. It is here that the majestic sight of Mt. Fuji can be seen looming up out of Suruga Bay. At sunset, the area is bathed in a golden light, creating a wondrous and romantic sight.

    To Heda:
    Naka-Izu Tokai Bus from Shuzenji Station (about 30 mins.) Disembark at Heda Touge.
    To Toi: Nishiizu Tokai Bus from Shuzenji Station (about 50 mins.) Disembark at Toi Onsen.
    From Numazuko Station: board White Marine high speed ferry to Port of Toi (about 55 mins.)

Tours are a convenient way to see the sights around Mt. Fuji!

  • Board Thomas Land train to Mt. Fuji snow attractions and Toki no Sumika Illumination

  • Mt. Fuji and Asagiri Plateau paragliding

  • Mt. Fuji Golden Tour (With Box Lunch)

Other spots we recommend you visit!
  • Gotemba Premium Outlets

    Japan's largest outlet mall! Famous brands from within and without Japan and restaurants fill the space, for a total of 210 establishments. Enjoy access to fashion, sporting goods, interior decor items, accessories, and more. On clear days, you can see Mt. Fuji, making it the ultimate shopping destination.

    Access: free shuttle bus (15 mins.) from JR Gotemba Station

  • Kunouzan Toshogu Shrine

    This shrine is the originator of the Toshogun shrines found nationwide. The main building was designated as a national treasure in 2010. With the main hall and worship hall connected by one roof, the richly colored lacquer accents, and the collection of unique buildings, the shrine is a beautiful and balanced historical example of early Edo period architecture.

    Access: take Shizutetsu Just Line bound for Nihon Plain (45 mins.) from JR Shizuoka Station. Disembark at last stop and transfer to Nihon Plain Ropeway (5 mins.). Disembark at Kunozan Station – the shrine is a short walk away.

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