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By air:
Tokyo (Haneda) Airport --> Takamatsu / Tokushima / Kochi / Matsuyama Airports = 70 min+
Osaka (Itami) Airport --> Kochi Airport / Matsuyama Airport = 45 min+
By rail:
Okayama Station --> Takamatsu Station = 60 min
By ferry:
Hiroshima Port --> Matsuyama Port = 80 min
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Oboke and Iya

Nishi-Awa, in the west of Tokushima prefecture, is a hidden resort of deep, verdant valleys and mountain villages, the perfect place to take a deep breath and cleanse your entire body amidst breathtaking natural scenery. The first spots you’ll want to visit are Oboke and Koboke, two gorges so beautiful that they appear as though carved by artists from stone. Take a thrilling ride down clear mountain streams, made all the more stunning with the cherry blossom colors of spring or a blanket of red and gold leaves in the fall. Those with more time can hike into the deep interior of Nishi-Awa where the untouched territories of the Iya Valley and its vine bridges await. Crossing a bridge 45 meters long made entirely of vines lends to the mysterious air of the place and will make you forget what time period you are in. The area features plenty of accommodations where nature can be enjoyed, such as Japanese inns with wonderful hot springs and traditional B&Bs consisting of old, thatched roof homes.


28 min by train from Tokushima Airport to Tokushima Station. From Tokushima Station, Tokushima Line to Awa-Ikeda Station: approx. 2 hr by local train or approx. 1.5 hr by express.
(Note: Sightseeing spots in Nishi-Awa are some distance from each other.)
※ Flights to Tokushima Airport: Approx. 70 min from Haneda Airport (Tokyo)

Naruto Strait

The Naruto Strait, most famous for its swirling whirlpools, lies between Shikoku and Awaji Island. It is straddled by the Onaruto Bridge, which features a pedestrian walkway knows as the “whirlpool path.” At a height of 45 meters, the bridge offers wonderful, direct views of both the scenic strait and its whirlpools. If you’d like to get up close and personal, take one of the sightseeing boats that travel right up to the whirlpools themselves! There are ideal times to view the whirlpools, so be sure to check ahead of time and plan accordingly!


1 hr 10 min from Tokushima Airport by Tokushima Bus bound for Naruto Park, or 20 min from JR Naruto Station, alighting at Naruto Park.
※ Flight to Tokushima Airport: Approx. 70 min from Haneda Airport (Tokyo).

Shimanto and Ashizuri

Shimanto River is known as the last untouched, pristine river of Japan. The beautiful Shimanto River area, with its gentle flow and mountainous landscapes, offers a variety of activities throught the year in a breathtaking natural setting. For example, you can experience its beauty firsthand by canoing or renting a bicycle. Ashizuri, a little ways away, is known as the southernmost scenic area of Shikoku, and it is filled with places to experience mysterious natural scenery, beginning with Cape Ashizuri, which is known for its stunning 270 degree views of the blue Pacific and its sheer granite cliffs.


Shimanto River Area: 105 minutes from Kochi Station on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway. Get off at Nakamura Station.
Cape Ashizuri: 4 hours by bus from Kochi City.
※ Flights to Kochi Airport: Approx. 80 min from Haneda Airport (Tokyo); approx. 80 min from Itami Airport (Osaka).

Konpira Onsen

The Konpira Onsen Village, which flourished in the Edo period centered around its shrine, is filled with storied onsen inns. The hot spring that bubbles forth at the foot of Konpira-san will cleanse and soothe your body and soul, making it the perfect place to lodge when paying a visit to the shrine, which is reached by climbing 1,368 stone steps. The road to the shrine is lined with souvenir and food shops, so you're sure to have fun along the way.


Shikoku Raiway Company (JR Shikoku) Dosan Line: Short walk from Kotohira Station.
Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad Kotohira Line: Short walk from Kotoden-Kotohira Station.
※Flights to Takamatsu Airport: Approx. 80 min from Haneda Airport (Tokyo).

Kochi Castle and Katsurahama

Kochi Castle, which is in the center of Kochi City and is one of only 12 castles nationwide with an intact tower from the Edo period, is a castle on a hill with a three-layer six-story castle tower. Completed in 1611, it was subsequently destroyed by fire and reconstructed in 1753. It is a historical location that can be visited in about an hour. In spring it is adorned with cherry blossoms, making it perfect for flower viewing and photography, and from the hill-top castle tower one can experience a bird's eye view of Kochi City.
Katsurahama, which has a statue of Sakamoto Ryoma, a hero of the Bakumatsu period, is a beach that overlooks the Pacific and is a famous sightseeing location of Kochi. It has long been known as an ideal location for moon viewing.


Kochi Castle: 5 minutes on foot from Tosa Electric Railway (Tram) Kochijo-mae Station.
Katsurahama: 30 minutes by bus bound for Katsurahama from South Harimayabashi. 5 minutes on foot from Katsurahama bus stop.
※ Flights to Kochi Airport: Approx. 80 min from Haneda Airport (Tokyo); approx. 80 min from Itami Airport (Osaka).

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