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About this Offer

Sunrise Tours is offering a limited-time only autumn discount campaign, featuring a line-up of tours that depart from Tokyo.
From guided tours to activity-focused experiences, there's a whole selection of tours that can only be purchased over the autumn period! This line-up is especially recommended for anyone visiting on a long-term stay for a major sporting event!
These tours are not to be missed!
※The promo code will display "Sold Out" when the maximum funds allocated to this campaign have been reached.
※However, in some cases, the campaign page may not be updated immediately, and the page will not display "Sold Out" even when the promo code has reached its usage limit. In that case, there will be a message on the booking screen indicating that the promo code may not be used.

Where to Enter the Promo Code

Use the promo code on the booking details form!

How to Book

Book an eligible plan in a participating region and enter the promo code when booking. You can enter the promo code on the booking details form. (You can see that the discount has been successfully applied on the following confirmation page.)

Important Notice

Notes on Using This Promo Code

  • The campaign will end without prior notice once the maximum funds allocated to this campaign have been reached.
  • There is no limit on the number of times you can use the promo code.

Important Points When Making Your Booking

  • Only one promo code may be used per booking. It is not possible to combine promo codes for a single booking.

When Changing or Cancelling Your Booking

  • Regardless of whether or not a promo code was used, it is not possible to change a booking once it has been completed. If it is necessary to make a change, please cancel your current booking and make your booking again.
  • When cancelling a booking, a cancellation fee may be charged depending on the timing of your cancellation. If a cancellation fee is incurred on a booking that used a promo code, the cancellation fee will be calculated based on the cost before any discounts were applied.