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About this Offer

Discounted stays for selected properties in Kusatsu Onsen! Just 3 hours from Tokyo by train, enjoy peaceful strolls in a yukata in one of Japan's most famous hot spring towns.
* This offer is not valid on bookings where the cost per room plan per night is JPY 50,000 and over.

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Use the coupon code shown for each region when booking!

How to Book

Book an eligible hotel plan in a participating region and enter the promo code when booking. You can enter the promo code after proceeding from your cart to the booking details form. (You can see that the discount has been successfully applied on the following confirmation page.)
* Please be aware that if you cancel your booking after using the promo code, the promo code cannot be reused.

Important Notice

(The following applies to both hotel and tour discount coupons)

  • This coupon can only be used on the site.
  • Please be aware that bookings for, and accommodation at these hotels, as well as tour departure dates are only available for a limited period of time. Please confirm this information before booking.
  • Offer may not be valid on some properties and tours. You can check eligible properties and tours via the "Book Hotels" or "Book Tours" link.
  • The coupon cannot be applied to bookings that have already been made.
  • It is not possible to change your booking once it has been made. If you need to make a change to a booking we ask you to cancel your current order and book again.
  • For cancellations that incur cancellation fees, rates will be calculated based on the total payable prior to discount.
  • If the coupon campaign has reached its maximum limit or a coupon code is entered incorrectly, one of the following messages will be displayed: “The coupon you entered does not exist”, “The coupon you entered cannot be used on this site.”
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  • Please be aware that the campaign will end without prior notice once the maximum funds allocated to this campaign have been reached.
  • Regardless of whether your discount coupon includes children or infants, please make sure to include the number of children and infants in your booking. It is not possible to add to the number of children and infants in your party once a booking with this campaign has been completed. If it is necessary to add to the number of children or infants afterwards, please cancel your current booking and book again. (Please be aware that if the discount coupon you are using is not applicable to children, a discount will only be applied to adult bookings on hotels and tours).
  • When there are several discount coupons running in conjunction for a single hotel or tour product, it is only possible to select one discount coupon.

(The following applies to the hotel discount coupons)

  • Please note that it is not possible to have more people staying in the room than the number of guests you entered when booking. The price on is not based on room charges but on the number of guests staying in the property. This rule also applies to children, so please enter the correct number of children while booking.
  • When booking consecutive dates that start before or after the discount period, you will only receive discounts for the days that fall within the discount period.