The Best Ryokan in Japan

For the True Japanese Experience

There are some ryokan that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. JAPANiCAN offers a range of room plans at properties difficult to find elsewhere.
Stay at one of these ryokan and discover for yourself the reason for their high ratings.


Shijo-Kawaramachi / Kyoto

Built in the Bunsei era (1818) the Hiiragiya delivers in all areas. With superb hospitality, décor and facilities, guests to this ryokan can experience Japanese culture at its best,

Shijo-Kawaramachi / Kyoto

Operating for more than 300 years, this ryokan boasts a long-standing history as one of the oldest ryokan in Kyoto. In the Edo and Meiji period it was used to house nobles and feudal lords and is proud of its high level of hospitality that continues to this day. In-room dining for evening and morning meals is also available.

Hakone, Mt. Fuji

Kawaguchiko / Yamanashi

Experience the splendor of Mt. Fuji from the surroundings of Lake Kawaguchi. Guests to this ryokan can appreciate the lush green beauty of their inn and the closeness to the neighboring lake. Whether it be forgetting about the bustle of everyday life for a while or taking part in some of the local leisure activities to the area, there’s plenty of ways to spend your time here. In-room evening and morning meals are available for guests of up to four persons.

Nishiyama Onsen / Yamanashi

Officially recognized by the Guiness Book of Records as the oldest accommodation in the world, this ryokan boasts generous supplies of natural overflowing hot spring water which is used by its large communal hot springs and in-room baths. Enjoy the serenity of this fabulous piece of Japanese history.

Hokkaido, Tohoku

Noboribetsu / Hokkaido

This is a long-standing Japanese-style inn located in the Noribetsu Onsen district. It boasts both large public and open-air baths. Savor the delights of kaiseki-cuisine whilst enjoying the spectacular view of the inn’s traditional Japanese garden from each of the private dining rooms. Reservations can be made for Japanese and Western style rooms as well as rooms with their very own open-air baths.

Noboribetsu / Hokkaido

This is a luxury ryokan located in the Noboribetsu Onsen district with each room including an open-air bath and carefully selected seasonal cuisine for your delectation The soft, warm fragrance of flowers and wood make this inn a relaxing, soothing location for women.


Shuzen-ji / Shizuoka

Located in Chuzenji, this ryokan has a tradition of more than 526 years. Surrounded in nature, it has its own outdoor “Noh” stage (used in Traditional Japanese theatre) and spectacular views of the bamboo forest and lake from the outside hot springs. In-room evening and morning meals are available which make use of local seasonal ingredients and all rooms are finely constructed with the perfect balance of natural lighting, acoustics and ventilation.

Shuzen-ji / Shizuoka

This Sukiya-style traditional Japanese ryokan provides in-room dining both in the evening and morning. Savor the delights of kaiseki-cuisine in the evening with ingredients that make use of the freshest seasonal ingredients. It is also a location that inspired Japanese artist Fukumi Hori to produce numerous paintings. Unwind and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Japan's hot springs.


Yufuin / Oita

Formerly a retreat for Zen priests,Yufuin Tamanoyu is now a modern hot spring resort with a total of 15 different cottages. Rich in natural scenery, guests can enjoy the superb green surroundings whilst relaxing in the soothing hot springs. Meals include high quality gourmet that incorporates a variety of fresh ingredients.

Yufuin / Oita

Originally built as a villa 80 years ago, Kamenoi Bessou is surrounded in nature and includes two large communal baths. Traditional Japanese dishes with local ingredients and specialties to the region such as black beef and hot pot are available at the on-site restaurant. In-room dining is also available.