The Best Ryokan in Japan

For the True Japanese Experience


Shuzen-ji / Shizuoka


Located in Chuzenji, this ryokan has a tradition of more than 526 years. Surrounded in nature, it has its own outdoor “Noh” stage (used in Traditional Japanese theatre) and spectacular views of the bamboo forest and lake from the outside hot springs. In-room evening and morning meals are available which make use of local seasonal ingredients and all rooms are finely constructed with the perfect balance of natural lighting, acoustics and ventilation.

Shuzen-ji / Shizuoka

Yagyu no Sho

This Sukiya-style traditional Japanese ryokan provides in-room dining both in the evening and morning. Savor the delights of kaiseki-cuisine in the evening with ingredients that make use of the freshest seasonal ingredients. It is also a location that inspired Japanese artist Fukumi Hori to produce numerous paintings. Unwind and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Japan's hot springs.

Ito / Shizuoka

Hoshino Resorts KAI Ito

This ryokan boasts a long history and is the oldest in the Izu and Ito onsen district. All areas of the ryokan have free-flowing hot spring water that is renowned for its beautifying properties. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Japanese-style garden whose surroundings change with the season.

Located on elevated ground with superb views of Sagami Bay this ryokan has a long history, with an annex building located by the sea. Relax in style with the ryokan’s free-flowing hot spring water and beautiful scenery.

Izu / Shizuoka


Visit this ryokan and relax in rooms with views of Oshima Island off the Pacific Ocean or spend some time in the private gazebo that offers excellent ocean views. In-room dining is available on evening and morning meals, with seafood dishes that will make your mouth water.

Kanzan-ji / Shizuoka

Hoshino Resort Kai Enshu

Located in the Kanzanji onsen district of Hammatsu city, Shizuoka Prefecture, all rooms have views overlooking Lake Hamana. Enjoy the two large communal baths that have their own distinct characteristics or savor the area’s specialty cuisine of eel. There’s even a tea room where you can experience high class hospitality.


Asama Onsen / Nagano

Hoshino Resorts Kai Matsumoto

This ryokan is located in the Asama hot springs district of Matsumoto and has 8 different types of baths to choose from. You can also enjoy local cuisine such as Shinshu, drink some of the finest wine or listen to unwinding music.


Yamashiro Onsen / Ishikawa

Araya Totoan

This inn has a long-established tradition which stems back to the Edo period and has been passed down through 18 generation. It has a bountiful hot spring source as well as overflowing large communal and open-air baths. It boasts some of the finest traditional cuisine and alcohol. This ryokan offers great hospitality which lets you completely relax during your stay..

Yamashiro Onsen / Ishikawa

Beniya Mukayu

This ryokan sits quietly, surrounded by a mountain garden and has a total of 17 rooms. The lobby area is made of an earthen path and all rooms have their own in-room open-air baths. Free use of the on-site facilities such as spa, relaxation area and library is also available.

Yamashiro Onsen / Ishikawa

Hoshino Resorts Kai Kaga

Located in Yamashiro, the most renowned onsen district in the Hokuriku area, visitors to this inn can experience a new sensibility with hot springs that ooze Kaga tradition. The inside of the rooms are decorated with traditional craft such as Kaga Yuzen (paintings and motifs).The cuisine is inspired by the gourmet teachings of Kitaoji Rosanjin who revolutionized Japanese cuisine.

Kanazawa / Ishikawa

Asadaya Ryokan

This traditional Japanese style inn was founded in Japan’s Keio period (1867) and its architecture is based upon the sukiya style of simplicity. An emphasis is placed on tranquility with the natural surroundings and an unforgettable dining experience where in-room dining on both evening and morning meals is available. Ingredients include fresh fish, sweet shrimp and fresh picked vegetables from the mountain.

Yamanaka Onsen / Ishikawa

Kuriya Yasohachi

All rooms at this traditional Japanese ryokan have views overlooking the bamboo grove and with the cool breeze and soothing sound of the rustling leaves it is the perfect place to unwind. Experience the finest in Japanese cuisine with private dining also available.

Wakura / Ishikawa

Kagaya Ryokan

This famous, quintessential traditional inn, acclaimed for its hospitality and service, has been operating for more than a century, and Wakura hot springs, where it is located, is said to have been used as a spa for some 1,200 years. The interior of the inn recreates the splendor of the wealthy Kaga Domain of centuries past and features local crafts and artwork from Ishikawa prefecture.


Takayama / Gifu

Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan

Situated near the Takayama Jinya morning market area, this traditional Japanese-style hotel located in historic Takayama was recognized as one of Japan's top 25 hotels in the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards 2015. Guests can look forward to being treated with warm hospitality, relaxing in hot springs, and enjoying carefully prepared Japanese-style meals featuring Hida beef.

Takayama / Gifu

Hidatei Hanaougi

Hidatei Hanaougi is a ryokan that boasts communal baths and open-air baths with milky hot spring water flowing from Kamishiro-no-Yu, a natural hot spring source. For meals, enjoy delicious dishes prepared with the seasonal bounty of the mountains including Hida beef.


Toba / Mie

Oyado The Earth

All rooms at Oyado The Earth have their own open-air baths with room interior that perfectly fuses Japanese and Western sensibilities.