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General Japan and Japan Travel Information, Activities
JNTO(Japan National Tourist Organization) JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization)
Japanese government site providing information for online budget hotel reservations, regional guides, convention locations, museums, and important travel information.
This site, popular among individual travelers, offers a vast array of sightseeing information that will make planning and taking your trip to Japan easy, even if you don't speak Japanese! For advice on your itinerary, head over to the forum to consult with other travelers. is a portal site offering information on Asian ports, sea routes, and passenger ships, providing support for high-quality boat travel. Though not luxurious or elegant, find and enjoy a high-quality seafaring experience!
Kobe Airport Kobe Airport
Kobe Airport's official site offers flight timetables, access information, and airport shop information, as well as selected Kobe sightseeing, travel, hotel, event, and gourmet information.
Local Area General and Sightseeing Information
Visit Matsumoto Visit Matsumoto
The official tourism site of Matsumoto city.
Matsumoto city is home to historic sites, like Matsumoto "Raven" Castle with its unique black facade. It is also the gateway to Kamikochi and the majesty of the Japanese Alps. Please check out this site for more information on this popular destination.

Explore Azumino! Explore Azumino!
This site is dedicated to the beautiful Azumino area. Located nearby Matsumoto, this "gateway" to the Japanese Alps not only boasts extraordinary outdoor adventures, it also features an array of museums and galleries for a relaxing time indoors. Click on the banner to learn more!
Explore Okayama Explore Okayama
Get sightseeing information for Okayama Prefecture. This site offers a wealth of detailed information to help you plan the perfect trip to Okayama, as well as a large number of pictures and videos.
GoodDay Hokkaido GoodDay Hokkaido
The official tourism information site of Japan's northernmost island, travelers can search for all kinds of information on this Hokkaido portal site. It also features seasonal information, videos, and more.
Tourism Information in Toyama Tourism Information in Toyama
Toyama Prefecture is located in the center of Japan. The Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, a world famous alpine sightseeing route which goes through 3,000 meter-high Northern Japan Alps, is one of Toyama's main tourist attractions. There are many other places to go sightseeing in Toyama. Toyama welcomes you!
Tourism Ishikawa Tourism Ishikawa
This site provides useful information about tourism in Ishikawa Prefecture, home to popular destinations like Kanazawa, Noto, and Kaga. Visit Ishikawa and discover famous sites like Kenrokuen Garden as well as hot springs, gourmet cuisine, traditional crafts, and plentiful nature where you can experience "real Japan."
Himeji Tourist Information Himeji Tourist Information
This Himeji travel guide site offers a range of useful information including the famous UNESCO World Heritage-registered Himeji Castle and a range of other historical and cultural points to help tourists enjoy a fascinating trip steeped in history and culture.
Northern Lake Biwa Travel Guide Northern Lake Biwa Travel Guide
This beautiful, naturally blessed area is located not far from major hubs Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya along the northern shore of ancient Lake Biwa. With heavy snowfall in winter, the area is popular for winter sports, and with old townscapes standing since the time of the samurai as well as equally historical festivals, Northern Lake Biwa is a sightseeing destination all year round.
Takashima City Tourism Information Takashima City Tourism Information
Find information about Takashima City in western Shiga Prefecture, located right on the famous Lake Biwa. Cherry blossom viewing by kayak in spring, swimming in summer, gathering chestnuts in fall, skiing, snowboarding and even snowshoeing in winter... There's loads of fun activities and experiences all year round! Takashima is a mecca for the great outdoors!
Tottori Tourism Guide Tottori Tourism Guide
Tottori is home to a range of natural wonders like the sand dunes of Sanin Kaigan Geopark, national heritage sites Misasa Onsen and Mt. Mitoku, and the towering Mt. Daisen, as well as Japanese pop culture icons like the mangas GeGeGe no Kitaro and Case Closed (Detective Conan). At this site, find a variety of helpful sightseeing info, dining, and more, available in 6 languages!
Shonai Visitors Association Shonai Visitors Association
The Shonai region is located in the northwestern part of Yamagata Prefecture, in Northern Honshu. It is home to the three mountains of Dewa (Gassan-san, Haguro-san and Yudono-san), where mountain worship thrives, Mt. Chokai (recognized as one of Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains), and Kamo Aquariu, which boasts the largest variety of jellyfish species in the world. The Shonai region also offers numerous other tourist attractions.

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