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i.JTB Corp. Privacy Policy

As a member of the JTB Group, i.JTB has developed a corporate philosophy focused on introducing the allure of Japan to the world by creating a multitude of valuable and meaningful experiences. While conducting business, we also strive to support global communication and the realization of a peaceful, eco-friendly society.

Based on this philosophy, as a strategic company of the Internet sales business in the JTB Group, we promote sales of the JTB website, home pages of business partners, along with the convenience store companies that promote sales of travel products, and operate a domestic accommodation reservation system site, “Rurubu Travel”. Furthermore, we aim to develop new services utilizing IT and new technology.

1. We have developed a personal information management system based on the JIS Q 15001 Standard, and ensured the strict adherence by management and all employees.
2. We will conduct the collection, usage, and provision of personal information following the personal information management system above legally and fairly and use personal information for work-related purposes only.
3. We will take organizational, technical, and rational preventive and corrective measures to mitigate the risk of illegal access, loss, destruction, and leak of all personal information handled by our company.
4. We will consider methods of appropriately and quickly handling any complaints or questions from individuals concerning their own personal information.
5. We will strictly follow all laws, guidelines, social norms, and public standards regarding personal information will be strictly followed.
6. Our personal information management system is regularly audited and continuously improved.


April. 1st, 2006 (Established)
i.JTB Corp.
Masami Suzuki, President & CEO

Personal Protection Section
Address: 2-3-11 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

How We Handle Personal Information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and i.JTB Corp. Personal Information Protection Policy, i.JTB Corp. (below, i.JTB) handles and works to protect the personal information of customers as follows.

In accordance with this policy regarding the retention and management of classified information, the following party will be held accountable for overseeing the protection of this personal information.

Customer Personal Information Kept by i.JTB

(1) i.JTB keeps a portion of personal information provided by customers in travel requests and other transactions as personal data.
(2) i.JTB keeps personal data and personal information of employees, job applicants and recruits.
(3) i.JTB keeps personal data and personal numbers (“My Number”) of employees, dependents of employees, and contracted employees relevant to company’s ongoing payment record.

Reasons for Use of Customer Personal Information

i.JTB and its designated travel businesses (branches) will use personal information provided in travel purchase forms to contact customers, as well as when necessary in the performance of our travel and other services as requested by the customer, including the arrangement of transportation and accommodations (as listed in the agreement). In addition, in order for the call center to handle rebooking, cancellation, and inquiries on behalf of the customers, they will handle personal information as entrusted.

* In addition, i.JTB will use customer personal information...

  • To respond to inquiries
  • To process credit card payments for products or services
  • To provide information on products, services, and campaigns offered by i.JTB and related companies
  • To request opinions and impressions after participating in travel
  • To request participation in questionnaires
  • To offer special services
  • To create statistical data

Handling of Personal Information Related to Credit Cards Used for Internet Purchases

i.JTB will use the personal information of customers related to credit cards used to pay for products or services over the internet.

Name of Collector of Credit Card Data

i.JTB Corp.

Outside Consignment of Payment Processing

i.JTB consigns all operations necessary to process payments for products or services purchased via the internet by credit card to outside companies.

Consignment Company

JTB Corp.

Retention Period

The personal information related to credit card data is saved for 360 days after which it is erased.

Collection and Use of Customer Personal Information

i.JTB handles the collection and use of customer personal information as follows:

1. Customers are presented with a clearly worded policy on the purpose of collection and types of use in pamphlets and travel request forms, and permission for use and collection is sought.
2. If the customer does not agree, information is only collected, not used.
3. When the information is provided to data storage companies or third parties, customers will be notified, and permission will be sought.
4. When the customer is a minor, the permission of the customer's parent or guardian will be sought.
5. Though customers are free to choose whether or not to provide any or all types of personal information when requesting travel services or information, there are instances where i.JTB will not be able to contact the customer or complete procedures necessary to provide the requested services when some or all information is not provided, and thus will not be able to accept the requests for services from the customer.
6. In order to simplify customer purchases in the future, i.JTB and members of the JTB Group listed below may share information, but in these cases, the information will be strictly managed and stored.

  • JTB Corp.
  • JTB Hokkaido Corp.
  • JTB Tohoku Corp.
  • JTB Kanto Corp.
  • JTB Metropolitan Corp.
  • JTB Chubu Corp.
  • JTB Tokai Corp.
  • JTB Western Japan Corp.
  • JTB Kansai Corp.
  • JTB Chugoku Shikoku Corp.
  • JTB Kyushu Corp.
  • JTB Okinawa Corp.
  • i.JTB Corp.
  • JTB Japan Travel Corp.

Joint Use of Customer Personal Information

Among the customer personal information that it has acquired, i.JTB will jointly use names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses with the group companies below at the minimum extent necessary to contact customers. This information will be used by the group companies with responsibility remaining with i.JTB for their own sales activities, simplification of customer orders, sending information on products, and sending purchased products.

  • JTB Tohoku Corp.
  • JTB Kanto Corp.
  • JTB Tokyo Metropolitan Corp.
  • JTB Corporate Sales Inc.
  • JTB Chubu Corp.
  • JTB Tokai Corp.
  • JTB Western Japan Corp.
  • JTB Kansai Corp.
  • JTB Chugoku Shikoku Corp.
  • JTB Kyushu Corp.
  • JTB Okinawa Corp.
  • PTS Corp.
  • JTB Japan Travel Corp.
  • JTB Publishing,Inc.
  • JTB World Vacations, Inc.
  • JTB Trading,inc.
  • JTB Business Innovators Corp.
  • JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc.
  • JTB Grand Tours & Services, INC
  • Travel Plaza International, Inc.
  • TPI Western Japan, Inc.
  • JTB Management Service Corp.
  • JTB Media Retailing Corp.
  • JTB Global Assistance, Inc.

Inquiries, Release, Deletion, and Correction of Customer Personal Information

Anyone who requests that we disclose, delete or destroy, change, stop the use, or stop sharing with third parties their individual customer personal information in our possession will be provided with the necessary steps to do so by contacting the departments listed below. When requested, we will take all necessary measures as set by laws and company regulations without delay.

If we are unable to comply with all or part of your request, we will provide an explanation. Please contact the departments below for any issues concerning personal information.

(1) For inquiries or complaints about the handling of personal information and for explanations on the procedures for disclosure and deletion of personal data:
Address: 2-3-11 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
*You can also make an inquiry or lodge a complaint by clicking here (Japanese) .
*The procedures for disclosing and deleting personal information can be viewed by clicking here (Japanese) .
*The forms necessary for disclosing and deleting personal information may be obtained at each branch office of the companies shown in the attached list. However, for your request to be accepted, please mail it to the following address:

Customer Services and Marketing Office, JTB Corporation
Address: 2-3-11 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Hours of operation: 9:30~18:00(M-F), 9:30~13:00(Sat), Closed: Sun・holidays and from December 30 to January 3

(2) Requests for Corrections, Stop of Usage, and Stop Sharing with Third Parties
Please contact the branch at which you purchased your trip.
(Contact information is located on the copy of your application and on the contract.)
(3) For name of authorized privacy protection organization and complaint resolution.
Authorized privacy protection organization name: Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC)
For complaints and inquiry: Privacy Mark Promotion Center, Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office
Address: 1-9-9 Roppongi, Roppongi First Building 12F, Minato ku
Tel:03-5860-7565 0120-700-779
* Authorized privacy protection organisation’s main objective is to establish a safe and secure digital society, which receive accreditation from Competent Ministers based on the provisions of Article 37 of the Act.

Handling of specific personal information

(1) We will use a personal number only within the scope prescribed by the number method.
(2) We will not provide personal information to a third party other than to those specified by the number method.
(3) Once the personal number relations business has been completed, we will promptly delete or erase the personal number.

In Circumstances When Personal Information is Leaked

If for some reason i.JTB personal information is disclosed, we will contact the customer immediately. If necessary, we will temporarily shut down our system to maintain security, or we may promptly announce facts about the situation publicly on our homepage.

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