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JAPANiCAN.com is Japan’s largest travel booking website, specializing in travel around Japan. The website is managed by JTB Corp., a part of the JTB Group - Japan's largest and most prestigious travel agency. JAPANiCAN.com are able to offer a wide variety of hotels and ryokan at highly discounted rates. Our mission at JAPANiCAN.com is simple: To help our customers create an unforgettable trip in Japan, which will stay with them for a lifetime.

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Corporate Name: JTB Corp.

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JAPANiCAN.com’s Services

JAPANiCAN.com offers services including listings and online booking capabilities for accommodation within Japan as well as information regarding Japan. Online bookings can be made for more than 6,000 hotels.

Advertising Opportunities

Averaging 6,000,000 page views per month, JAPANiCAN.com is used by a wide variety of visitors to Japan from countries all over the world. JAPANiCAN.com provides a platform for organizations, local governments and tourist bureaus to effectively advertise products and services to a wide audience of international travellers visiting Japan.

In addition, making use of knowledge garnered from a long history as a travel agency and land operator, JAPANiCAN.com is committed to incorporating prior experience with modern business solutions in order to create an innovative and fresh approach.

Target Countries: Worldwide

Languages: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai

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Business Partnerships

JAPANiCAN.com offers effective business partnerships and site affiliate programs.

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If you would like to publish information about our site in a magazine, newspaper, or other kind of publication (including online), we ask that you first contact our public relations team.

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