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Minshuku Goyomon 民宿五ヨ門

Reviews of Minshuku Goyomon

Total Score

4.4Based on 38 reviews

These reviews are written by customers after their stays.

Score breakdown

Room : 4.3 Service : 4.7
Food : 4.6 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.1
Location : 4.6 Access : 4.1


Ms. / 30-39 / Japan


Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : -
Location : 5.0 Access : 5.0
Reviewed 29 Feb 2016

The stay was incredible and everyone should try it! The house was amazing looking on the outside and cozy on the inside. Our host was very sweet and attentive but not overbearing. She made sure that we were happy and had everything we needed and let us enjoy ourselves in the farmhouse. The food was excellent! A very traditional dinner and a nice breakfast.

Two things to be weary of... the light from other rooms will come into your room, so if others stay up with their light on, it will light up your room and you will hear them talking. The host turned on Japanese news on the TV during dinner and it really killed the experience. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you!


Ms. / 20-29 / Australia


Room : 3.0 Service : 3.0
Food : 3.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 5.0
Location : 3.0 Access : 3.0
Reviewed 07 Dec 2015

This place is a great option to stay if you would like to be away from a touristy spot like shira-kawa-go. The lady is amazing and would serve you in the best manner on day 1. If offered drinks make sure you are aware of the extra payments that will be expected of you when you leave as the food does not include drinks nor is this explained at the time.


Ms. / 30-39 / Indonesia


Room : 5.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 5.0
Location : 5.0 Access : 5.0
Reviewed 04 Dec 2015

My friend and I enjoyed our stay at Goyomon very much, it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. The host is very kind, and her service made our stay even more enjoyable. The traditional Japanese style dinner is also delicious, although quite a struggle to finish. Huge portion! Definitely interested in staying here again when the village has turn white from snow.


Ms. / 30-39 / Australia


Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 4.0 Hot Springs/Baths : -
Location : 4.0 Access : 4.0
Reviewed 05 Nov 2015

Great experience! we always wanted to stayed in a farm house to experience the countryside of Japan. We were glad to pick Minshuku Goyomon, the lady was really friendly and hospitable and we were lucky to get the biggest room. Note that there are no walls and you are separated by just washi paper doors. We had three couples in total that night, but was lucky they were all nice and didnt make much noice when sleeping. The place was clean and we even grilled the fish just below the elevated kettle in the middle of the living room and played traditional town's instruments. Come here to enjoy a peaceful village town with beautiful Autumn scenery, slightly out of the way but worth the trip as there were less tourist.


Mr. / 30-39 / United States of America


Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.0
Location : 5.0 Access : 5.0
Reviewed 07 Oct 2015

A very nice stay and a wonderful host! She was able to accommodate our vegetarian diet with ease. If you're staying in Ainokura, this is the place to be!


Mr. / 20-29 / United Kingdom


Room : 5.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : -
Location : 5.0 Access : 5.0
Reviewed 28 Sep 2015

We had a lovely stay at Minshuku Goyomon in Ainokura. The host made an amazing dinner with local ingredients and the old house was beautiful and very comfortable too!

Nice stay and beautiful site.

Mr. / 60+ / Hong Kong

Married Couple

Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 3.0 Hot Springs/Baths : -
Location : 5.0 Access : 3.0
Reviewed 20 Apr 2015

Ainokura Village is a beautiful place. When we arrived, the village was covered partly with snow. Much less tourist and a quiet little village. The minshuku is large and has good clean (though basic) facilities. Lady owner is a cheerful and smart lady. She even led the folk song singing after dinner. I had a great time here. But local bus does not allow reservation and Ainokura is a mid-way stop. So, do plan your arrival and departure time carefully to allow a plan B in case you cannot get on the bus, esp when leaving. Highly recommended.


Ms. / 20-29 / Netherlands

Solo Traveler

Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : -
Location : 5.0 Access : 4.0
Reviewed 08 Apr 2015

This is a nice experience, I recommend. The owner was welcoming, and she prepared a local meal that was served on tatami in the living room around the fire. Food was good, large quantities. I like especially the mountain veg. There is a bathtub as well. You sleep in a basic tatami room on futon.


Ms. / Under 20 / Singapore


Room : 5.0 Service : 4.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : -
Location : 5.0 Access : 3.0
Reviewed 20 Mar 2015

Minshuku Goyomon is run by a nice lady who runs everything by herself. She's mostly a quiet, initiative person, and will leave you alone most of the time. She cooks up a fantastic sumptuous dinner, and also quietly prepares hot water bottles and slips in into your futon. She offered to fetch us to our bus stop in the heavy snow, and that was much appreciated. Her place is also very easy to locate, right in the middle of the main street, interior is clean and quite luxurious, and huge!


Ms. / 40-49 / Malaysia


Room : 3.0 Service : 4.0
Food : - Hot Springs/Baths : 4.0
Location : 5.0 Access : 4.0
Reviewed 27 Feb 2015

It's easy to find and the host is very hospitable! I'd a very good night rest at Goyomon. Too bad I didn't have a chance to have dinner as I thought dinner is served at 5.30, but infact dinner can be requested at time one desired! (as long as not too late like 9pm) Breakfast was simple but nevertheless great! The host can converse very very simple english!:) I'd recommend it to anyone who opt to stay at Gokayama instead of Shirakawa-go!

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