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4.2Based on 3 reviews

These reviews are written by JAPANiCAN.com customers after their stays.

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Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 4.7 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.3
Location : 4.3 Access : 3.0



Ms. / 30-39 / United States of America


Room : 5.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.0
Location : 5.0 Access : 3.0
Reviewed 12 Aug 2016

I really cannot recommend this place highly enough. My partner and I wanted a place to relax for a weekend and be taken care of by Japanese hospitality and onsen and we got exactly that and more. All of the hotel staff was friendly, but Noriko went above and beyond helping us out, giving us recommendations of things to do, and ensuring that we had a wonderful time. If you can, try to get the shuttle from Obuse station at 4:00 PM when you are arriving because the city bus takes a little while, but it's not the biggest problem. I love this place and don't forget to check out the waterfalls that are 2 miles walk away!


Mr. / 30-39 / United States of America


Room : 3.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 5.0
Location : 5.0 Access : 3.0
Reviewed 13 Jun 2016

Amazing experience, would definitely recommend and visit again. Site is incredibly beautiful and relaxing, service is impeccable and meals were lavish.

Main downsides: Rooms do not have private showers (you are here for the onsen anyway, after all), staff do not speak much English, and the location is a little remote.

One thing to keep in mind when planning your trip is that the hotel operates a bus to the Obuse train station departing at 9:25 AM.


Ms. / 40-49 / Hong Kong


Room : 4.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 4.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.0
Location : 3.0 Access : 3.0
Reviewed 10 Jan 2019 Stayed 07 Jan 2019 Meals 2meals per night (dinner, breakfast)
Room Type Japanese-style room


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