Reviews of Hanamaki Suburbs/Hanamaki Onsen Iwate Haruka-no-Yu Kaze-no-Toki -

Haruka-no-Yu Kaze-no-Toki 悠の湯 風の季

Reviews of Haruka-no-Yu Kaze-no-Toki

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4.7Based on 3 reviews

These reviews are written by customers after their stays.

Score breakdown

Room : 5.0 Service : 4.7
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.7
Location : 4.3 Access : 4.7



Female / 60+ / Italy

Married Couple

Room : 5.0 Service : 4.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 5.0
Location : 4.0 Access : 5.0
Reviewed 03 Sep 2016 Stayed 15 Aug 2016 Meals 2meals per night (dinner, breakfast)
Room Type Japanese-style room

Everything was perfect! Now they can learn just a little english and make internet connection available so they become the top!


Male / Under 20 / Japan

Family with Older Children

Room : 5.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 4.0
Location : 4.0 Access : 4.0
Reviewed 31 Mar 2015

firstly, if you're coming from Morioka, use the Tohoku Expressway and not route 4 like we did, it took us over 2 hours including 20 minutes lost. i didn't see a sign for route 12 from route 4, but however the Hanamaki Minami interchange on the expressway is signed. the last few signs and the Ryokan sign are in Japanese only.

the building is 30 years old i think and looks it, however the inside was renovated 3 ears ago and is lovely, very modern and tastefully decorated, very nice including the rooms, which are not too big, but fine for 4 people. service is impeccable and surprisingly to my wife, a lot of the staff are young people. evening meal was nice but no main dish like Iwate steak or something, but i especially liked the excellent breakfast buffet. the ofuros are one inside and a smaller one outside, not particularly special and very 'concrete' and the water has only a slight mineral taste, but nevertheless passable and clean.


Male / 20-29 / Hong Kong


Room : 5.0 Service : 5.0
Food : 5.0 Hot Springs/Baths : 5.0
Location : 5.0 Access : 5.0
Reviewed 02 Jan 2017 Stayed 30 Dec 2016 Meals 2meals per night (dinner, breakfast)
Room Type Japanese-style room



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