Umi to Irihi no Yado Teisui
海と入り陽の宿 帝水

Phone Number
31 Tsubogasawa, Togashiohama, Oga-shi, Akita Prefecture
From Oga Station (JR Oga Line): Take the bus bound for Yumoto Chuzaisho. From there, take the Toga Kamo line bus (reservation required) to Oga Suizokukan (Oga Aquarium Gao) (15 min). From there it takes about 10 minutes on foot.
By car: Exit the Akita Expressway at the Showa Ogahanto IC and continue along Route 101 for about 50 minutes (60 km).
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Phone number (outside Japan): +81-3-6219-8682
Phone number (within Japan): 03-6219-8682
Hours: 9:00  - 22:00, daily (Japan Standard Time)