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Washi Studio Kamikoya紙漉き体験民宿 かみこや

1678 Otado, Yusuhara-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture


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  • Foreign Language Support
  • Internet Available
  • Wifi Available

This inn features a 2-room suite which is booked for 1 group at a time. Its owner is a Dutchman who makes washi, traditional Japanese paper. At the Washi Studio, guests can experience how it is to make washi, as well as relax both body and mind in a washi-decorated room.

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Facility Info

From Kochi Ryoma Airport: about 120 minutes by taxi at around JPY 20,000 (as of April 2013).
From Susaki Station (JR Dosan Line): about 50 minutes by taxi at around JPY 10,000 (as of April 2013).
Alternatively, take the Yusuhara bus and get off at the Yusuhara bus stop. From there it takes about 15 minutes by taxi at around JPY 4,000 (as of April 2013).
By car: Exit the Kochi Expressway at the Susaki-Higashi IC and continue along Route 197 for about 40 minutes towards Ehime. Make a right turn at the Tsuno-cho Chikaraishi Shinden area and continue along Route 439 heading north for about 10 minutes. At the Tsuno-cho Yoshiunootsu, make a left turn to Prefectural Route 304. Look for the hotel signboard at the Otadoguchi bus stop after going through the mountain road.
Internet Free, LAN internet, Wifi
Access & Parking Free parking
Foreign Language Support English, Dutch
Guide Dogs Allowed

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