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Hotel Charmantホテル シャルモント

4-3-16 Tsukiji, Nachikatsura-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture


by VV Thailand / 24 Nov 2014

Very good. B&B-style service. Given the room rate, it's excellent

  • Within 5 min of Station
  • Internet Available
  • Wifi Available

Charmant, which means "charming" in French, features the atmosphere of a small European-style hotel. All rooms conveniently offer internet connections.

Extra Information on the Hotel Charmant
Unfortunately, staff at this hotel only speak Japanese. Staff at the Nachi-Katsuura Town Tourism Association location just 1 minute on foot from the hotel can provide information in English. (Location: 1st floor of Kii-Katsuura Station.
Hours: 9:00-18:00)
-Wi-Fi is available in the 1st floor common space. Also, Ethernet access points are available in 1st floor guestrooms and the common space.
-Approximately 4 hours by car from Kansai International Airport.
-From Kii-Katsuura Station, it takes about 20 min by bus to Kumano Kodo Daimonzaka, and 30 minutes to Nachisan Mountain.
-Guests can enjoy seeing tuna auctions at the market just 2 minutes on foot from the hotel.
-Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 8:30.
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Facility Info

From Kii-Katsuura Station: Proceed left down the street in front of the station for about 1 minute on foot.
Services Laundry Service
Internet Free, LAN internet, Wifi
Access & Parking Free parking
Guide Dogs Allowed
Also Accepted Credit cards not accepted
Wing Built Renovated
- 2002

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