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International House Osaka Hotel大阪国際交流センターホテル(大阪国際交流センター内)

8-2-6 Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


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  • Foreign Language Support
  • Internet Available
  • Wifi Available

Recently renovated and reopened in August, this hotel offers great accommodation, offering free Wi-Fi, complimentary bottled water, and your choice of 3 items or an alcoholic beverage. Guests can also enjoy the excellent access to major cities in the Kansai region.

[Breakfast Menu]
Bread, salad, scrambled eggs, sausages, rice, Japanese dishes, teriyaki mackerel, soup (2 varieties), miso soup, coffee, tea, green tea, orange juice, milk, and more.

[Selectable Amenity Gift]
Guests on at this hotel can look forward to the choice of 3 of the below amenity gifts or a bottle of alcohol (excludes children who do not require extra bedding).

Amenity Gifts:
- vitamin drink
- vegetable juice
- Kirin lemonade
- Mintia mints
- alcohol wipes
Toe pad
- shoe polish
- shaving gel
- ear plugs and eye mask
- cotton balls and cotton swabs
- cleanser, skin lotion, milk moisturizer
- body lotion, hair pack, bath additives
Select 3 of the above!


Alcoholic Beverage
- beer
- chuhai cocktail (3 kinds)
Select 1 of the above!

A bottle of mineral water will also be provided in the guestroom fridge for each staying guest.

[Child Rates]
*Children 10 years of age or below who do not requiring bedding stay free.
*Children 11 years of age and above will be charged the allocated accommodation fee.

This hotel makes for an ideal base for both sightseeing and business.

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Facility Info

From Kansai International Airport: about 70 minutes by taxi at around JPY 18,000, or about 70 minutes by bus at around JPY 1,550 (as of November 2014).
From Tsuruhashi Station (JR Osaka Loop Line): about 20 minutes on foot, or about 7 minutes by taxi at around JPY 1,000.
From Osaka Uehonmachi Station (Kintetsu Line) Exit 12: about 2 minutes by taxi at around JPY 640 (as of November 2014), or about 7 minutes on foot (head south along Uemachisuji for 500 m)
By car: Exit the Hanshin Expressway at Yuhigaoka IC and continue along Prefectural Route 30. Exit to Tanimachisuji and head north for 200 m.

To Osaka Namba Station (Kintetsu Osaka Line): Take the train from Osaka Uehommachi Station (approx. 4 min., 2 stops).
To Higashi Umeda Station (Subway Line): Take the subway from Tanimachi Kyu-chome Station (approx. 10 min.).
To Nara Station (Kintetsu Osaka Line): Take the train from Osaka Uehommachi Station via the direct rapid express (approx. 35 min.).
To Osaka Sannomiya Station: Take the train from Osaka Uehommachi Station via the direct rapid express (approx. 50 min.).
To Abeno Harukas: Take the bus from Osaka Uehommachi Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line (approx. 15 min.).
To Osaka Castle: Take the train from Tanimachi Kyu-chome Station (2 stops) and exit via the 1-B Exit.
To Tsutenkaku: Take the train from Osaka Uehommachi Station (Kintetsu Osaka Line) and get off at Nippombashi Station (1 stop). Then take the Sakaisuji Line and get off after one stop at Ebisucho Station. About 3-minutes on foot from there.
To Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan: Take the Sennichimae Line from Tanimachi Kyu-chome Station and get off at Awaza Station. Then take the subway Chuo Line and get off at Osakako Station.
To Universal Studios Japan: From Osaka Uehommachi Station (Kintetsu Osaka Line) take the Hanshin-Namba Line bound for Sannomiya. Transfer at Nishikujo Station and take the train bound for JR Yume Sakurajima and get off at Universal City Station.

Nearest Stations
From Osaka Uehommachi Station (Kintetsu Osaka Line): About 7-minutes on foot.
From Tanimachi Kyu-chome Station (Subway Line): About 10-minutes on foot.
Internet Free, LAN internet, Wifi
Access & Parking Paid parking
Foreign Language Support English
Also Accepted
Wing Built Renovated
International House Osaka Hotel 1987 Aug 2014

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