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Toba View Hotel Hanashinju鳥羽ビューホテル花真珠

1075-98 Takayama, Arashima-cho, Toba-shi, Mie Prefecture


by HowardW Hong Kong / 02 Aug 2017

Excellent Service ... I like the in-room dinning. Very enjoyable stay

  • Open-air Bath
  • Hot Springs
  • Shuttle Service
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Internet Available
  • Wifi Available

Toba View Hotel Hanashinju is a lodging that features an appealing open-air bath that allows for panoramic views of the ocean in Toba.
This lodging’s hot spring uses waters from Sakakibara Onsen, Mie Prefecture’s leading well-known spring which is widely known as a spring with beautifying effects for the skin.
After a soak in the baths, you will surely feel their effects.

For dinner, guests will be treated to kaiseki course meals prepared with Matsusaka beef, one of the top 3 wagyu beefs in Japan.
As the ocean is so close, guests can also savor abalone, Ise lobster, and other kinds fresh seafood.
Staff hope guests take this chance to enjoy Japanese cuisine to their heart’s content!
Staff await guests’ arrival with that desire in their hearts.

The lodging’s guestrooms all feature a view of the Pacific Ocean.
From Japanese-style rooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests, to guestrooms that feature an open-air bath with a view of the ocean, guests can choose a guestroom to match their needs.

Just a 10-minute drive away is Toba Aquarium, which features one of Japan’s largest variety of animals on display.
Everyone in the family, from children and up, are sure to enjoy a visit!

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Dinner for Child A is a children's kaiseki course meal, and for Child B is a children's lunch. The meals for Child A and Child B are different. There may be cases in which meals are set to either only Child A meals or Child B meals depending on the plan.
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Facility Info

From Toba Station (JR, Kintetsu) Exit 1: About 10 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Ise Expressway at Ise-nishi IC and continue along the Ise Futami Toba Line (Toll Road) for about 15 minutes (5 km).
Entertainment Facilities Karaoke, Video arcade, Igo (Go), Shogi, Mahjong
Internet LAN internet, Wifi
Access & Parking Shuttle service (no reservation), Shuttle service, , Free parking
Communal Baths Large public baths
Open-air Baths Open-air baths
Bars Open 20:00 / Close 24:00
Available Nearby Baseball, Volleyball, Baseball, Volleyball, Fishing
Foreign Language Support English, Chinese
Wheelchair Accessibility Wheelchairs available
Also Accepted Photocopier, FAX machine
Wing Built Renovated
Hanaikada-kan 1980 2008
Hanashinju 1991
Hanaikada-kan (with open-air bath) 1980 Apr 2001

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