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Mikurigaike Onsenみくりが池温泉

Murodo Taira, Tateyama-cho, Nakaniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture


by Eric Hong Kong / 17 Oct 2018

The service from the staffs are excellent, they are very nice and helpful. The room for 4 persons is little bit smaller than expected, but is clean.

  • Hot Springs
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Internet Available

One of the highest onsen (hot springs) in Japan. The waters are drawn from Jigokudani (Hell Valley), a source which is highly praised for the quality makeup of its water. Definitely a must for those visiting Tateyama.

- Guests will be charged for towels, bath towels, yukata and toothbrush amenities.
- Free Wi-Fi is available on the 1st front desk floor, cafe and restaurant.
- Guests cannot bring their carry bag and suitcase. Also there is no delivery service.
To reduce your baggage:
If coming from Toyama area, please use the baggage locker in Tateyama Station or Toyama Station.
If coming from Nagano area, please use the baggage locker in Ogizawa Station.

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[Important Information]

[About Mikurigaike Onsen]
Mikurigaike Onsen is not a hotel nor a Japanese style inn. It is a mountain lodge at an altitude of 2,400 m. Climate and room facilities are widely different from the usual accommodations. For this reason, special meals such as vegetarian food or religious food cannot be arranged.

[About Amenities and Payment]
*Guest rooms do not have private baths nor private restrooms. Bath towels, hand towels, yukata (Japanese robes), and toothbrushes will NOT be provided, except for some plans that include amenities.
*Amenities may be purchased at the reception.
- Bath Towel (rental): JPY 150
- Hand Towel: JPY 150
- Toothbrush: JPY 50
- Yukata (rental; adult medium size only): JPY 150
- Razor: JPY 200
- Towel, Yukata, Toothbrush Set: JPY 500.
*Face lotion is not available. Body soap and shampoo are provided at the communal bathing facilities. Guests are asked to help conserve water by using less soap and rinsing less than usual.
*In the case of a shared room, the door to the room is not equipped with a lock.
*Shared rooms can accommodate up to 12 guests.
*As there may be guests who decide to rest early, do keep volume to a minimum after 21:00.
*Please note that Mikurigaike Onsen does NOT accept credit card payment at the reception. Online payment by credit card is available on the website.
*Please prepare an adequate amount of cash that includes a bath tax of JPY 150 per person.
*As the date of your reservation approaches, the ryokan may want to contact you for the purpose of confirming your reservation. As such, please provide upon registration a working cell phone number or an email address that you will be able to access often.

[Important Reminders for Bookings from Late October]
*Please take note that the temperature in Tateyama after late October is about 15℃ lower than that at sea level. Prepare clothes suited to this altitude and weather (from October to end of May, snowstorms may occur). Beware that using umbrellas in such a storm is dangerous. Using rainwear, gloves, sunglasses, etc. is recommended.
*The Alpine Route may be closed due to heavy snow.
*Please arrive at the lodge before 16:00 as there are no streetlights along the road, and the afternoon weather in Tateyama tends to change easily during winter.
*As the road from the train station is hilly, guests are advised not to come in leather shoes or bring large pieces of luggage. Please refrain from bringing a suitcase. Using a backpack is recommended so you can use your hands freely.
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Facility Info

Important Notice from Management

Weather in the Murodo vicinity changes quite easily and situations where you cannot see in front of you due to blizzards or heavy fog do occur.
In order to provide you with information on the local area, please input a number where you can be reached while in Japan.
Also, during times of inclement weather, staff will travel to pick you up from Murodo Terminal, so please feel free to notify the lodging of your situation.

Café Mikuri: 8:30-16:30 Café Menu
Restaurant: 11:00-14:00 Lunch Menu

Cancellations made 7-2 days prior accommodation will incur a cancellation fee of JPY 2,000 per person.

From JR Toyama Station, Central Exit: Transfer to a Toyama Chiho Railway train bound for Tateyama and get off at Tateyama Station (60 min). Then take the cable car to Tateyama Alpine Route Bijodaira. Next, take a highway bus to the Murodo bus stop (50 min). It is 12 min on foot from there.
Communal Baths Large public baths
Japanese cuisine Restaurants Breakfast: Open 06:30 / Close 08:00
Foreign Language Support English
Wing Built Renovated
- 1957

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