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3450-1 Shuzenji, Izu-shi, Shizuoka


by xiaolulu U.S.A. / 25 Jul 2017

We had a mixed feeling about the Ryokan. Generally, it is a beautiful place, very quiet and clean. We were first very impressed by the service, both during the check-in and dining time. However, right before we were ready to go to sleep, we saw a huge spider (about 20 cm) moving very fast in the center of our room. My husband managed to kill it. I went to the front desk, and the night shift send someone to take the dead body away. I was unable to fall asleep that night, as we sleep on the tatami close to where the spider was killed. What surprised us is that until we checked out the next day, no staff have check with us if we wanted to move to another room, or even mentioned it. It made me feel that either this (having a huge spider in the room) happens all the time, or they just don't care about the guests' feeling that much.

  • Open-air Bath
  • Reservable Baths
  • Hot Springs
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Internet Available
  • Wifi Available

Our hotel is known for the popular outdoor dance performance, the open-air bath around bamboo grove and pond, dishes with local foods in season as well as the rooms that are created with all the elements of nature in mind.

Please book this hotel for 2 adults or more.
Children 7 years and older may stay at this hotel. Those under 7 years of age are not allowed.

Please contact the facilities for details such as date, time and admission fee for the "Classical Theatre Banquet". Japanese sake will be served to all international guests as a JAPANiCAN special.
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Facility Info

From Izu Hakone Railway Shuzenji Station: 7 mins by car. From Tomei Expressway Numazu IC: 40 mins
Entertainment Facilities Igo (Go), Shogi, Mahjong (with automated table)
Internet Free, LAN internet, Wifi
Access & Parking Free parking
Communal Baths Large public baths
Open-air Baths Open-air baths
Other Facilities Family bath
Bars Open 20:00 / Close 23:00
Available Nearby Gateball (Japanese croquet), Baseball, Fishing, Surfing, Hang-gliding, Gymnasium, Multi-purpose grounds
Foreign Language Support English
Wheelchair Accessibility Wheelchairs available
Guide Dogs Allowed
Also Accepted Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos (MUFG / DC / UFJ / NICOS)
Wing Built Renovated
Main Building 1952 Oct 1998
Center Wing Aug 1998

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