Where to Go in OKINAWA


For travellers who want to experience something special, come and get a taste of the unique richness and depth of culture that is Okinawa.

Premium hotel – Luxurious suites

【Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda】
Situated on the southern coast of Miyako Island, a golf course and the emerald green sea stretch out right in front of the hotel. All guestrooms are suites. The hotel boasts the largest number of guestrooms with a private pool (86) in Japan. The Jacuzzi Suites, featuring a jacuzzi, kitchen, and washing machine were opened in spring 2015 to accommodate travelers staying for an extended period.

An elegant and extravagant relaxation time just for you

【The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa】
Located on a plateau overlooking beautiful Nago Bay, guestrooms offer panoramic views of the sea and surrounding greenery. The three restaurants serve a wide variety of dishes prepared with selected Okinawan ingredients. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine or Okinawan Black wagyu teppanyaki. The spa, separated from the main hotel, offers an array of facilities, including treatment room, ganban-yoku (bedrock bathing), and a 24-hour fitness gym.


Your trip will allow you to fully enjoy the special charms of Okinawa's untouched nature and traditional culture. It is highly recommended for those who want to escape the daily grind and just relax.

Island paradise only 20 minutes from Naha

【Nagannu Island】
Only 20 minutes from Naha by cruiser! Nagannu Island is situated at the entrance to Kerama Shoto National Park and is popular as the ultimate resort surrounded by coral reefs. The many activities include day trips with snorkeling and swimming at the beach. There are also cottages on the island and tempting overnight plans so you can stay and gaze at the star-filled nightsky.

Refreshing nature getaway

【Hotel Nirakanai Iriomotejima】
Resort hotel where the wilderness of Iriomote Island will thoroughly satisfy your need for nature. Overlooking the sunset viewing spot of Tsukigahama Beach, the guest rooms surrounded by subtropical greenery will soothe your body and soul with the pleasant sounds of waves and chirping of wild birds. Immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere at the open café in the wooded grounds. Choose from numerous activities including the jungle trek into remote areas or the popular tour on the waters off Okuiriomote.


Packed with information on shops and food that are also popular with the locals. Design your travel to experience the culture and what's hot in Okinawa.



Beach yoga, kayaking, standup paddleboarding... Explore Okinawa Island and beautiful isolated Island.


Experience traditional Okinawan culture—Karate, Ryukyu dance, weaving, and sanshin (Okinawan banjo) performances.

Sightseeing Spots

From stunningly beautiful beaches and scenery to world heritage, these are Okinawa's must-see spots.