Lake Akan | Experience the Wonders of Nature


Only visitors here know
the true meaning of winter

See the frozen world of winter

Akan is known as Hokkaido's coldest place. However, this cold gives birth to miracles of nature that you can't find anywhere else. Experience the wonders of this frozen world for yourself!

Ice festival on Lake Akan

When you walk on the frozen surface of Lake Akan, you step into a quiet, white world enveloped in ice. Watching the fireworks over the ice at night will make you forget the severe winter cold.

Lake Akan colored white
during the long winter

A world of wintery white

In early November, snow starts to fall as the season transitions, marking the start of Lake Akan's long winter. As the days pass, the winter gets colder until Lake Akan soon freezes over, and the entire landscape become a wintery white.

Refresh and relax amid the cold, appreciate Mother Nature

The abundant nature of Lake Akan includes hot springs that can gently warm up your entire body. Spend time bathing in a hot spring while enjoying winter in Lake Akan.

Winter Activities

Work of art made by
Mother Nature

The extreme cold of Akan brings forth winter wonders

When the conditions are right, the severe winter cold of Lake Akan gives birth to wonders of nature. Standing before these natural works of art will make you forget your winter shivering, and seeing the sun rise over the landscape will leave you awestruck. Frost flowers, frost trees, and diamond dust appear amid the winter show.

A winter to experience
again and again

Enjoy Akan in winter

With the lake and mountain areas near the hot spring, you can enjoy various activities in each area of nature. From winter fun to the warm embrace of the hot springs, visitors can cherish unforgettable memories that are only possible in the winter wonderland of Lake Akan.


Lake Akan boasts many local foods and delicacies like pond smelt, kokanee salmon, lake lobster, Ezo deer, and alpine vegetables. Visiting Lake Akan is good for your physical and mental health!

Wild Ezo Deer

In recent years, Ezo deer meat has become popular as a wild game dish. It is low-fat and nutritious! It also has plenty of iron which is great for women and the health-conscious. The odor of wild game meat is skillfully eliminated by the chef to make it pleasant to eat.

Pond Smelt

Visitors to Lake Akan must definitely try the delicious pond smelt. Autumn is smelt season and eating it as tempura is the local favorite. Covered with a thin tempura layer, the fish is slightly crunchy and leaves a delicious aftertaste. Tsukudani smelt boiled in soy sauce and sugar also makes a great gift.

Lake Lobster

In 1930, lake lobster was first introduced to nearby Lake Mashu. It was brought to Lake Akan as food for the rainbow trout. The lobster population grew naturally and recently found its way to hotels and famous restaurants all over Japan. It is a highly sought-after delicacy. Lake Akan's crayfish are larger than others. Since they live in cold waters, the flesh is taut and delicious when boiled in salty water.


With Lake Akan's delicious water and clean air produced by abundant nature, the bread and confections made locally with high-quality ingredients and methods are delicious. Enjoy a tea break while relaxing with the forest and lake.


Akanko Onsen has many hot spring hotels and ryokan inns. It is one of Hokkaido's major hot spring areas. Look for hand baths and foot baths as you walk around the hot spring town.

Relaxing Space

Akanko Onsen has a wide variety of accommodations, from small inns to large resort hotels. There are inns that make you feel at home as well as totally unique accommodations. All hot spring visitors can enjoy a thoroughly relaxing time here.
Akanko Onsen accommodations: Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga, Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings, Akan-no-mori Tsuruga Resort Hana-Yuka, Lake Akan Tsuruga Besso Hinanoza, Tsuruga Lake Akan Lodge Turano, New Akan Hotel, Hotel Akanko-so, Hotel Gozensui, Kamui-no-Yu La Vista Akangawa