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Ryokan Asahikan
This hotel welcomes guests with its a homey atmosphere and home-style cuisine. Also, since it is located close to the station, this friendly hotel is convenient for both business and sightseeing. Wireless LAN Internet access is provided.
How to get there?
From Yasuki Station (JR San-in Main Line): About 1 min on foot.
An onsen (hot spring) ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) secreted away in a rural landscape. The Adachi Museum of Art, featured in the American magazine The Journal of Japanese Gardening and highly ranked on its best gardens list, is located nearby the hotel.
*Guests at this ryokan can enter the garden from 8:00, rather than the usual opening time of 9:00.
Enjoy the refined atmosphere and clear air of the Japanese garden.
How to get there?
By car: 7 km from San-In Expressway Yasugi IC.
Look forward to having a healthy Buddhist vegetarian cuisine meal immersed in the tranquil atmosphere of the Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple. This lodging is ideal for guests who are looking for a relaxing time surrounded by nature.
How to get there?
From Yonago Airport: About 40 min by taxi at around JPY 5,000.
From Yasugi Station (JR San'in Line): About 10 min by taxi at around JPY 1,500.
By car: About 20 min from Yonago Expressway Yonago IC via Route 9, or about 5 min from San-In Expressway Yasugi IC. The hotel is in the Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple premises, about 5 min on foot from the parking lot.
Pickup service available at the JR Yasugi Station (San'in Line).
Kamedake Onsen Tamaminesanso
This hot spring hotel is located outside the city of Matsue in Okuizumo, the place known as the location of one of Japan's famous fairy tales.
How to get there?
From Kamedake Station (JR Kisuki Line): About 5 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Matsue Expressway at Takano IC and continue along Route 432 for about 40 minutes (35 km).

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