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Koryuen Seizanso
The enchanting view of Uji River flowing fluently is sure to enrapture the gaze. Guests will enjoy the Kyoto food in this historical building that will take guests to the quiet world of Japanese living of Wabi (austere refinement).
How to get there?
From Uji Station (JR Nara Line): About 15 minutes on foot or about 5 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Meishin Expressway at the Uji-nishi IC and continue along for about 30 minutes.
HG Cozy Hotel No. 3
This hotel is located in Uji City, 3.8 km away from Byodo-in Temple. Free Wi-Fi connection and free parking lot available.
How to get there?
From JR Kohata Station: 14 min on foot or 6 min by car.
Hanayashiki Ukifune-en
A quiet hotel which stands at the beautiful sight of the Uji River. They will offer you a scenery that will make you forget about time, and traditional full-scale Kyoto dining succeeded as a culinary ryokan (traditional Japanese-style inn).

Hanayashiki Ukifune-en is a lovely flower located in the village of Uji.
All guestrooms at Hanayashiki Ukifune-en look out over Uji River, so guests can see the To-no-Shima Island located on the beautiful Uji River.
Guests can enjoy the charming change of the seasons with cherry blossoms in full bloom at Byodo-in Temple during the spring, the clear waters of Uji River during the summer, the beautiful fall leaves of the mountains during the autumn, and snowy landscapes during the winter.
And all guestrooms are decorated with tea flowers. Enjoy a quiet stay while gazing out at Uji River.

Enjoy the scenery of Kyoto and Uji throughout the seasons.
The Sawarabi no Yu and Hoo no Yu baths - which feature a theme of comfortable relaxation - use black silica.
Both the Sawarabi no Yu and Hoo no Yu baths have been renovated.
The Sawarabi no Yu Bath has a new open-air bath, and the Hoo no Yu Bath also has a new sauna. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the waters and steam while gazing out at Uji River.

- The Tale of Genji Museum, Uji City (15 minutes on foot)
- 13-tiered Stone Pagoda (5 minutes on foot)
- Uji Shrine (5 minutes by car)
- Ujigami Shrine (5 minutes by car)
In the Uji River Nakanoshima vicinity, there are cafes, Japanese-sweets cafes, and more where guests can savor green tea soba noodles and green tea dango dumplings, two specialties of the area.
Enjoy Hanayashiki Ukifune-en located along the picturesque riverbank of Uji River!
How to get there?
From Kyoto Station to Uji: About 17 min (via rapid-service train).
From Osaka Station to Uji: About 60 min.
From Nara Station to Uji: About 42 min.

By Private Railway
[Keihan Railway]
From Yodoyabashi Station (Osaka) to Uji: About 60 min.
From Sanjo Station to Uji: About 35 min.
From Gion-shijo Station to Uji: About 25 min.
[Kintetsu Railway]
From Okubo Station: About 15 min by car.

By Car
[From Osaka/Chugoku Areas]
From Meishin Expressway Oyamazaki Junction take the Keiji Bypass. Then exit from Uji-nishi IC and head towards the Byodo-in Temple/Amagase Dam area for about 15 min to the lodging.
[From Kanto/Hokuriku Areas]
From Meishin Expressway Seta-higashi IC take the Keiji Bypass, exit from the Uji-higashi IC, and it is about 5 min to the lodging.
From the Kinki Expressway, it is convenient to travel via Kadoma Junction Daini Keihan Road. When traveling from the Osaka area on the Meishin Expressway, please travel along the Left Route. Please note that when traveling from the Oyamazaki area along the Keiji Bypass you cannot get off at the Uji-higashi IC.
Kyoto Fushimimomoyama Onsen Tsukimikan
On the bank of the quiet Uji River, this Japanese-style hotel has hot springs and is located in a town with delicious sake and water. The number of open-air baths has been increased, so please enjoy the water and tastes of this hotel to the fullest.
How to get there?
From Kangetsukyo Station (Keihan-Dentetsu Uji Line): 2 minutes on foot.

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