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Teshio Onsen Yubae
Teshio Onsen Yubae
Teshio, Teshio
This lodging's guestrooms were renewed in April 2018. The magnificent ocean and town of Rishirifuji are enveloped by the almost burning glow of the sunset, their colors changing every moment. Seafood from the nearby ocean is also quite popular throughout the seasons.
How to get there?
From Wakkanai Airport: Take a Soya bus to JR Wakkanai Station (about 30 min). From there, take a local train to JR Horonobe Station (about 60 min). From the station take an Engan bus to the Yubae-mae bus stop (about 30 min).
From JR Horonobe Station: Take an Engan bus to the Yubae-mae bus stop (about 30 min).
[By car]
- Exit the Fukagawa-Rumoi Expressway from Rumoi-Owada IC and take Route 232.
- About 4 hr 30 min from Sapporo via Route 232; about 3 hr 30 min from Asahikawa via Route 40.