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Tappizaki Onsen Hotel Tappi
Tappizaki Onsen Hotel Tappi
Sotogahama, Sotogahama
This hotel has the best view of the sea and lighthouse. In the lobby, the ceiling light which changes color every time the Kaikyo Line train passes, is popular among guests.
How to get there?
From Minmaya Station (JR Tsugaru Line): Take the Minmaya Area Loop Bus bound for Tappisaki Todai (Lighthouse) and get off at Tappi Bus Stop. About 10 minutes on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Tohoku Expressway at Aomori IC and continue along Route 280 for about 90 minutes (70 km).
Inagaki Onsen Hotel Kagetsutei
Inagaki Onsen Hotel Kagetsutei
Goshogawara, Goshogawara
This hotel is located in the Inagaki hot spring resort, featuring a large shared bath and an open-air bath with water flowing directly from the source. A convenient base for sightseeing around Tappezaki, Lake Jusan, and Mt. Iwaki.

Also offers convenient access for sightseeing.
- Tsurunomai Bridge, which quickly rose to fame ⇒ approx. 30 min by car.
- Recently surging in popularity! Red torii gates of the miraculous Takayama Inari Shrine ⇒ approx. 20 min by car.
- Shayokan, which stands on an area over 2,200 sqm where the birth home of Japanese author Osamu Daizai is found ⇒ approx. 15 min by car.
- Tachineputa Museum, a museum in Goshogawara where gigantic floats can be seen ⇒ approx. 15 min by car.
- Lake Jusanko, known as a migration area for swans ⇒ approx. 30 min by car.
- Cape Tappi, said to be from where Minamoto no Yoshitsune headed to Hokkaido, and was even sung about in a hit song ⇒ approx. 90 min by car.
How to get there?
From Goshogawara Station (JR Gono Line): Take the Goshogawara bus bound for Toyokawa and get off at Inagaki Onsen-mae Bus Stop (approx. 25 min). Immediate access from there.
By car: Exit the Tohoku Expressway at Namioka IC and continue along Route 101 for about 35 min (30 km). Landmark: Goshogawara Pier.