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Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima
This resort hotel has the perfect location, offering fantastic views of the Seto Inland Sea. The cuisine makes use of the abundant local seafood. The hotel is complete with a wide range of facilities including hot spring spas on the top floor, 5 reservable private baths, an aesthetic / massage salon, and a color yukata (casual summer kimono) corner.
How to get there?
From Fukuda Port (Shodoshima Ferry): About 30 minutes by taxi.
Ohkido Hotel
This hotel is situated at Port Tonosho, the gateway to Shodo Island and the perfect place to stay for sightseeing. All guest rooms are equipped with a bath and toilet. A large communal onsen (hot springs) bath with sauna is available.
How to get there?
From Takamatsu Station: Take a ferry from Takamatsu Port bound for Shodojima Tonosho Port and get off at Tonosho Port (about 60 minutes). Alternatively, take the high-speed ferry / jet hydrofoil to Tonosho port (about 30 minutes). It takes about 1 minute on foot from there.
Kokumin Shukusha Shodoshima
This lodging stands on a hill with a sweeping view of the Seto Inland Sea.
Enjoy a view of the beautiful evening sun, the starry sky, and Angel Road (a sandbar that can only be seen during the few hours of low tide).
Staff will welcome guests with their best smiles and treasure their time together.

[Hot Spring]
The large communal baths are scenic view hot spring baths, so enjoy a leisurely soak in the popular ‘Bijin no Yu’ hot springs which are said to have beautifying effects on the skin.
How to get there?
From Kansai area: About 100 min from Himeji Port via Shodoshima Kyuko ferry.
From Shikoku area: About 60 min from Takamatsu Port via ferry.
By car: Take Himeji Bypass. Turn left at the intersection immediately after exiting from the Chuji Ramp.

[From Takamatsu Airport]
Take either a limousine bus or a taxi to Takamatsu Port. If you take a ferry from Takamatsu Port to Ikeda Port, the hotel will send a shuttle bus to pick you up. (Please notify them of your arrival time.)

[From Naoshima]
From Miyaura Port (Naoshima) take a ferry to Takamatsu Port.
Or, from Honmura Port (Naoshima) cross over to Teshima, and from there take a ferry or passenger ship to Tonosho Port.
If you take a route bus from Tonosho Port to the Ikeda Port bus stop, the hotel will send a shuttle bus to pick you up. (Please notify them of your arrival time.)

Free Shuttle Bus Service
Ikeda Port or near Ikeda Port bus stop - 14:00-19:30
*Please contact the lodging once you know your arrival time.
*Shuttle service for checking luggage is not accepted.
*The shuttle service is limited to once per day for pick-up on the day of accommodation and drop-off on the day of check-out.
*During the day on consecutive night stays, this is limited to once for pick-up and once for drop-off (total of 2 times).
*For route bus information, please check the Shodoshima Olive Bus website.
8:45 Shukusha dep. to Shodoshima Central Hospital
9:15 Shukusha dep. to Tonosho Port (stopover at Ikeda Port)
Ikeda Port or near Ikeda Port bus stop - 7:00-10:00
*Service may not be possible while the shuttle bus is running.
Shodoshima International Hotel
This multi-purpose seaside resort hotel, the largest in Shodoshima, lies beautifully in harmony with nature and offers superb views of the Inland Sea from every room.
How to get there?
From Takamatsu Airport: Take a bus to JR Takamatsu Station. Head to Takamatsu-ko Port and take a ferry bound for Tonosho-ko Port and get off at Tonosho-ko. It is about 5 min from by taxi from there.
Resort Hotel Olivean Shodoshima
From Tonosho Port, there is a free hotel shuttle that takes approximately 20 minutes. The hotel is located on a hill that looks down on the Seto Inland Sea. The view is absolutely wonderful, with the evening sun rivaling that of Santorini. And, the hotel has a tennis court and a 9-hole golf course, so guests can enjoy sports as well. Come gaze at the beautiful scenery while enjoying this relaxed Japanese resort.
How to get there?
[From Takamatsu Airport]
By taxi: Approx. 30 min at around JPY 4,700 (as of July 2016).
By bus: Approx. 40 min at around JPY 750 (as of July 2016).
- Take a limousine bus to Takamatsu Station, get on the high-speed boat bound for Tonosho Port (approx. 30 min), get off at Tonosho Port, and take a taxi to the hotel (approx. 20 min).
- Take a limousine bus to Takamatsu-chikko Station (approx. 40 min). From there head to Sunport Takamatsu and take a high-speed boat (approx. 35 min) or ferry (approx. 60 min) to Tonosho Port. From there take the free hotel shuttle bus to the hotel (approx. 20 min).
*Reservation required.

[From JR Okayama Station]
Take a transit bus from the No. 1 bus stop to Shin-Okayama Port (approx. 40 min). Then take a ferry bound for Tonosho Port (approx. 70 min). From there, take the free hotel shuttle bus.
Take the Seto Ohashi Line to Takamatsu Station. From there walk to Sunport Takamatsu (5 min), and then take a ferry (approx. 60 min) or high-speed boat (30 min) to Tonosho Port.

[By Car]
- From Takamatsu-chuo IC go to Sunport Takamatsu, and from there take a ferry.
- From Okayama IC on the Sanyo Expressway, go to Shin-Okayama Port. Take a ferry bound for Tonosho Port (approx. 70 min). Take Prefectural Route 26 towards Kankakei to Prefectural Route 27.
- From Kobe Port, drive to Sakate Port on Shodo Island, on Route 463 towards Tonosho.
- Head from Himeji JCT to Route 2, then at the Tegaradonomae intersection get on Prefectural Route 62. Turn right at Miyaboribashi intersection, turn left at Suehirobashi intersection, and take Route 436 to Himeji Port. Go to Fukuda Port (approx. 110 min) and get on Prefectural Route 26 towards Tonosho/Obe. Drive towards Kankakei/Tonosho and turn right at Umagoe towards Kankakei.

[Shuttle Bus Timetable]
- Tonosho Port Departures: (1) 8:30 (2) 10:05 (3) 11:15 (4) 11:55 (5) 14:15 (6) 15:10 (7) 16:25 (8) 17:15
- Hotel Departures: (1) 8:00 (2) 9:25 (3) 10:30 (4) 11:35 (5) 13:40 (6) 14:40 (7) 15:40 (8) 16:50
New Kankai Honkan Tenku Hotel Kairo
This hotel’s biggest selling point is its scenery. Guests can enjoy a sweeping view of Angel Road from the hotel lobby, garden, and all ocean side guestrooms. If you would like to enjoy a relaxing stay while gazing out on the islands floating in the quiet waters of Seto Inland Sea, please come to Tenku Hotel Kairo.
- Dinner
Dinner will be a kaiseki course meal (Japanese-style course cuisine) prepared with an abundance of in-season ingredients from Setouchi. Enjoy a Japanese-style menu of in-season fish (served as sashimi, simmered dishes, and more), tempura, sushi, udon noodles, and more! (*For guests that would like dinner, please book a plan that includes dinner. Same-day orders cannot be accepted.) The menu will be decided by the head chef based on the ingredients available that day.
- Breakfast
Breakfast will be a Japanese set meal. Enjoy a Japanese-style breakfast of rice, fish, side dishes, and more. (*For guests that would like breakfast, please book a plan that includes breakfast.)
- Large Communal Baths
The hotel features large communal baths with scenic view open-air baths. The open-air baths use hot spring water from Olive Onsen. From the large communal baths and open-air baths, guests can gaze out at the sea and islands.
- Access
Tonosho Port - the port on Shodoshima where the most boats depart and arrive - is about 7 minutes away by car. A shuttle bus is operated as needed.
- Vicinity
Angel Road is 14 minutes away on foot. There is a large scale supermarket, drugstore, convenience store, udon noodle shop, ramen noodle shops, and more within 15 minutes walking distance.
How to get there?
From Tonosho Port: About 7 min by taxi.
Hotel Green Plaza Shodoshima
Enjoy blue ocean and the sunset of Setouchi from this hotel’s lobby, guest rooms, and large communal baths. You’ll also delight in a restaurant specializing in charcoal-grilled seafood.
How to get there?
From Tonosho Ferry Port: About 10 minutes by taxi.
Beachside Hotel Kashimaso
This hotel is located in a beautiful location in front of the Seto Inland Sea, with Takamiyama Natural Park in the background. It is a place that can be enjoyed all year round! Put on a swimsuit and head directly to the beach in summer!
How to get there?
From Takamatsu Airport: Take a bus bound for Takamatsu-chikko Station and get off at the Takamatsu-chikko Station bus stop (about 40 minutes). From there, take a high-speed ferry / jet hydrofoil bound for Tonosho Port and get off at Tonosho Port (about 30 minutes). The hotel is about 5 minutes by taxi from there.
Shodoshima Seaside Hotel Matsukaze
Only 5 minutes by car from Port Tonosho, this hotel is situated in an amazing location, surrounded by the natural and beautiful beach and ocean. Take in the wonderful scenic view from the guestrooms that are only 10 strides away from the waters.
How to get there?
From Okayama Station (JR Sanyo Shinkansen Line) South Exit: Take the bus bound for Shin-Okayama Port and get of at Shin-Okayama Port (about 35 min), then take a boat bound for Tonosho Port and get off at Tonosho Port (about 80 min). About 25 minutes on foot or, about 5 minutes by taxi from there.
By car: Exit the ferry from Fukuda Port and turn right onto Prefectural Route 26 along the north coast for about 40 minutes.
Petit Hotel Southernmost
At this little hotel surrounded by olive tree plantations, guests can look forward to enjoying the breathtaking view of the sea and marvelous natural scenery.
How to get there?
[By Car]
From Kusakabe Port: 7 min.
From Ikeda Port: 10 min.
From Tonosho Port: 20 min.
From Sakate Port: 20 min.
From Fukuda Port: 35 min.

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