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Bay Resort Hotel Naruto Kaigetsu
Located near the Senjojiki seaside rock formations in Naruto Park, this hotel provides expansive views of Onaruto Bridge and whirlpools from each of its rooms, the lobby, and its large baths. Guests can view the rising sun from the hotel's all-marble baths.
How to get there?
From Naruto Station (JR Naruto Line): Take a Naruto Koen Line City Bus bound for Naruto Koen and get off at the Naruto Koen bus stop (about 20 minutes). It is about 10 minutes on foot from there.
AoAwo Naruto Resort (Formerly: Renaissance Naruto Resort)
- All guestrooms feature a view of the ocean.
- Enjoy a soak in the natural hot spring, famous for being a Bijin-no-Yu (hot spring with skin beautifying effects), while gazing out at Naruto Strait. There are 4 bathing locations with varying open-air baths and scenic view baths.
*Rotated between men and women. (Rotation Time: Open-air Bath - 5:00; Panoramic View Bath - 6:00)
- For restaurants, there is a regional cuisine buffet, a French cuisine restaurant, a Japanese cuisine and seafood restaurant, a sumibiyaki (charcoal grilling) restaurant, and a terrace cafe.
- In order for guests to thoroughly enjoy their resort stay, a fishing pond, rental bicycles, a garden pool, tennis, and other leisure facilities are also available. And in the summertime, guests can enjoy a variety of marine sports on the private beach.
- Depending on the day, there are also performances of Tokushima’s specialty Awa Odori dance. Feel free to join in the dance as well.
- Free Wi-Fi is available not only in the hotel, but also on Renaissance Beach.
How to get there?
From Naruto Station (JR Naruto Line): About 10 min by taxi.
Resort Hotel Moana Coast
- All guestrooms are maisonettes that feature a private jacuzzi.
- All guestrooms have more than 50 square meters.
- All guestrooms in the Main Building feature an ocean view and spacious atmosphere.
- The Annex is designed to resemble a hidden townhouse for adults that has a relaxed atmosphere.

- Ranked as the number 1 Italian cuisine on the list of famous gourmet restaurants in the prefecture.
- Features Italian course cuisine prepared with an abundance of local seafood (wild-caught Naruto sea bream and abalone, Ise lobster, and more) and local vegetables.

Nearby Sightseeing
- 10 minutes by car to the Naruto whirlpools, which are currently going through registration to become a World Heritage site.
- 8 minutes by car to the Otsuka Museum of Art, where visitors can enjoy masterpieces from around the world all at once.
- 20 minutes by car to the Naruto German House, the site of the first performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in all of Asia.
- 20 minutes by car to Ryosen-ji Temple, the first of the sites along the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage.
- 2 hours by car to the vine bridges of Iya Valley, which are designated as a Tangible Folk Cultural Asset of Japan.
How to get there?
By bus
Take the express bus bound for Tokushima and get off at Kosoku-Naruto. About 5 minutes by taxi from there.

By car
- 2 hours from Osaka, 1 hour from Kobe, 2 hours from Okayama.
- 1 and a half hours from Takamatsu/Kotohira, 2 and a half hours from Dogo.
- 20 minutes from Tokushima Awaodori Airport, 1 and a half hours from Takamatsu Airport.
- 2 and a half hours from Kansai International Airport.
Exit the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway at Naruto-kita and continue along Prefectural Route 11 for about 5 minutes (2 km).
Hotel Ridge
Located in the Setonaikai National Park, this 10-room hotel offers stunning views and beautiful landscapes, creating a private oasis in which guests can escape everyday life and relax.
How to get there?
From Tokushima Airport: About 30 minutes by taxi.
From Naruto Station: About 20 minutes by taxi.
Naruto Grand Hotel
The hotel is located near Naruto Park, where visitors can see a sweeping view of the whirlpools. Look forward to delicious seafood cuisine featuring the local specialty Naruto sea bream, Ise lobster, and pike conger eel. Guest rooms are situated either on the ocean side or field side. The open-air panoramic bath on the top floor (8th) offers a scenic view of the Onaruto Bridge, and on clear days, the marvelous sunrise over the Kii Channel. At the lobby, enjoy complimentary non-alcoholic drinks including coffee, roasted sweet potato, and soft serve ice cream. Wi-Fi may also be used free of charge (Wi-Fi not available in the guest room). The Otsuka Museum of Art is located right nearby.
How to get there?
From Osaka Station: Take bus bound for Tokushima/Naruto from the Hanky-Sanbangai Bus Terminal and get off at Kosoku-Naruto (120 min). The hotel is about 10 minutes by taxi from the bus stop.
By car: Exit the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway at the Naruto-Kita IC and continue for about 1 minute.
Seaside Hotel Taimaru Kaigetsu
Opened after renovations in January 2016. All rooms are non-smoking. Guests can enjoy a spectacular ocean view from this hotel.
How to get there?
From Tokushima Airport: about 30 min by taxi at around JPY 4,000 (as of Oct. 2015); about 35 min by bus.
From Naruto Station (JR Naruto Line): About 15 min by taxi.
By car: Exit the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway at Naruto-kita IC.

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