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Hotel Riviera Shishikui
Located at the southern tip of Tokushima Prefecture, near the center of Muroto-Anan Quasi-National Park, this stylish southern European inspired resort hotel offers the perfect location for a relaxing seaside retreat.
How to get there?
From Tokushima Airport: Take a bus bound for Tokushima Station and get off at Tokushima Station (approx. 25 min). Then take the JR Mugi Line bound for Kaifu Station and get off at Kaifu Station (120 min). Next, take the Asato Line bound for Kannoura Station and get off at Shishikui Station (approx. 5 min). It is about 10 minutes on foot or about 2 minutes by taxi from there.
By car: Exit the Tokushima Expressway at the Tokushima IC and continue on National Route 55 for about 120 minutes (90 km).
Hotel Akenohoshi
This hotel offers a splendid view of the sunrise over Cape Muroto as well as the starry night sky. Enjoy fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean and cleanse both body and spirit in the open-air bath filled with 2000-year-old water from the depths of the sea.
How to get there?
From Nahari Station (Gomen Nahari Line): Take the Murotomisaki / Kannoura Route bus bound for Deep Sea World and get off at Seinendaishizo (about 60 minutes). Immediate access from there.
By car: Exit the Kochi Expressway at Nankoku IC and continue along Route 55 for about 105 minutes (65 km). Head towards the Seinin Daishi-zo statue.
Utoco Auberge and Spa
Utoco is the world's first deep sea spa and health treatment facility, produced by the famous makeup artist Shu Uemura. Its guest rooms are decorated with a modern and natural flair evoking a life under the sea, with spectacular ocean views from every room.
How to get there?
From Kochi Airport: About 90 minutes by taxi.
Pension Shishikui
Guests at this pension can enjoy a log house built by the owner and a private beach. The hand-prepared cuisine is made from local seafood and vegetables.
How to get there?
From Tokushima Airport: about 150 minutes by taxi at around JPY 15,000; about 180 minutes by bus at around JPY 3,000.
From Shishikui Station: A hotel shuttle service is available from the station (reservation required).
From Kaifu Station (JR Mugi Line): transfer to the Asa Kaigan railway and get off at Shishikui Station. From there, it is 20 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by taxi. *There are only a few trains that run to Shishikui Station, so please make sure to check the train timetable before your trip.
By car: Exit the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway at Naruto IC and continue along Route 55 heading towards Shishikui Ohashi. From Tokushima City, drive south on Route 55 for about 120 minutes. From Kochi, drive north from Murotomisaki (Muroto Cape) for about 45 minutes.
Umaji Onsen
The Community Center Umaji is located in the quaint little mountain town of Umaji-mura, famous for growing yuzu (Japanese Citrus). Guests at this hotel can look forward to relaxing at one of the hot spring baths, and sampling delicious Japanese-style cuisine prepared using a range of seasonal ingredients.
How to get there?
From Kochi Ryoma Airport: Approx. 70 min by taxi.
By car: Take the Kochi Expressway and exit at the Nankoku IC. Then take the National Route 55, and transfer to the Prefectural Route 12. Finally, turn left at the signboard with a picture of a big fish in Yasuda City.

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