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Hotel & Resorts Wakayama Minabe
Hotel & Resorts Wakayama Minabe
Minabe, Minabe
Guests can warm up in the hot springs. The Kishu Minabe Royal Hotel can be used by families, couples and all generations, offering rooms and cuisine catering to a variety of tastes. Breakfast is buffet style. Shirahama white beaches and strawberry-picking in early Spring. Plum blossoms can be viewed from around February.
How to get there?
From Nanki-Shirahama Airport: Take the bus to JR Shirahama Station (10 min). Transfer to the JR Kisei Main Line train bound for Wakayama and get off at Minabe Station (20 min). 10 min by taxi from there.
From Kansai International Airport: Head to Hineno Station (JR Kisei Main Line). From there, take the train bound for Shirahama and get off at Minabe Station (80 min). 10 min by taxi from there.
From Minabe Station (JR Kisei Line): About 10 min by taxi.
By car: Exit the Hanwa Expressway at Minabe IC and continue along Route 424, then Route 42 for about 10 min (6 km).
There is no longer a shuttle bus service running to / from JR Minabe Station. Please pre-book the free service provided by Minabe Taxis at least a day in advance. 6 times a day at regular intervals. For 25 persons, order of arrival. Minabe Taxis: 0739-72-2133. Until March 2016.