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Asan Kotonami
Asan Kotonami
Manno, Manno
Asan Kotonami is a countryside villa that stands among the tranquil great outdoors, nestled in the heart of the Asan mountain range. An ideal holiday awaits you once you cross the bridge to the villa.
How to get there?
From Kotohira Station (JR Dosan Line): Take a Kotohira Bus for about 35 min to the Katsukawabashi bus stop (in front of hotel). It is about 1 min on foot from there.
By car: Exit the Tokushima Expressway from Mima IC and take Route 438 towards the Sakaide area for about 15 min.
Kotohira Kadan
Kotohira Kadan
Kotohira, Kotohira
Nestled in the gardens lush with green, there are Sukiya-zukuri Japanese houses which use traditional Japanese architectural styles, and the Konpira Spring Kotohira Kadan, a traditional Japanese inn that has brilliantly harmonized with the modern architecture.
There are records of famous littérateurs from Japanese history having lodged here, and they were able to immerse themselves in their creations while gazing at the gardens that vibrantly change with the seasons. Within the grounds, there is a Japanese-style garden that uses the sloping land of the mountain which is rare for inns and hotels, and guests can go on excursions to view the area. And, it is possible to see Mount Iino, known for the townscape of Kotohira and by its nickname of Sanuki-Fuji, from the large bath.
Won’t you come rest your mind while experiencing Japanese culture at the Kotohira Kadan, an inn in the gardens of Konpira Hot Spring Village?
How to get there?
From Shinshu Matsumoto Airport: Take a Kinku Bus to JR Kotohira Station (about 45 min), and from there board the complimentary shuttle to the lodging (about 5 min).
From JR Okayama Station: Take a train to JR Kotohira Station, and from there board the complimentary shuttle to the lodging (about 5 min).
By car: About 15 min from Takamatsu Expressway Zentsuji IC.