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Hotel Select-Inn Saitama Moroyama
Located right in front of Saitama Medical University, this is the only budget hotel in Moroyama. Offers a perfect accommodation for sightseeing or for those visiting the hospital.
How to get there?
From Moro Station (JR Hachiko Line): approximately 4 minutes on foot, or 1 minute by taxi. Final train arrives at around 22:10.
From Higashi-moro Station (Tobu Ogose Line): 17 minutes on foot, or 4 minutes by taxi (final train: around 22:31).
By car: Exit the Kan-etsu Expressway at Tsurugashima I.C, and continue along Prefectural Route 39. Take a left at the Moroyama Post Office.
Marroad Inn Hanno
This hotel is 45 minutes from Ikebukuro, a subcenter of Tokyo. It is located in Hanno, a riverside town surrounded by mountains and a beautiful natural landscape. Marroad Inn Hanno is an urban hotel that focuses on functionality and comfort.
How to get there?
From Higashi-Hanno Station (JR Hachiko Line) East Exit: About 5 minutes on foot.
By car: Exit the Ken-O Expressway at Sayama-Hidaka IC and continue along Prefectural Route 347 (Umabikizawa Hanno Route) for about 10 minutes (5 km). Head towards Hanno City Office.
Naguri Onsen Taishokaku
After 1 hour travel from the city center, our hotel lets you feel the surrounding nature and wilderness. Our rooms and baths also give you a great view of the countryside.
How to get there?
From Ikebukuro to Hanno: 38 mins by Red Arrow, From Hanno: 30 mins by car

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