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Hotel Sunroute Goshogawara
This hotel is situated in the center of Goshogawara City and can be conveniently used as a base for many purposes such as sightseeing or business. Enjoy the hotel's special natural onsen (hot springs) facility.
How to get there?
From Goshogawara Station (JR Gono Line): 5 min on foot
Hotel Sunroute Patio Goshogawara
Situated in the center of the Tsugaru area, this hotel can be used for a wide range of purposes, from business to leisure.
How to get there?
From Goshogawara Station (JR Gono Line): About 13 minutes on foot, or 3 minutes by taxi.
By car: Exit the Tsugaru Expressway at Goshogawara IC and continue for about 5 minutes.
Inagaki Onsen Hotel Kagetsutei
This hotel is located in the Inagaki hot spring resort, featuring a large shared bath and an open-air bath with water flowing directly from the source. A convenient base for sightseeing around Tappezaki, Lake Jusan, and Mt. Iwaki.

Also offers convenient access for sightseeing.
- Tsurunomai Bridge, which quickly rose to fame ⇒ approx. 30 min by car.
- Recently surging in popularity! Red torii gates of the miraculous Takayama Inari Shrine ⇒ approx. 20 min by car.
- Shayokan, which stands on an area over 2,200 sqm where the birth home of Japanese author Osamu Daizai is found ⇒ approx. 15 min by car.
- Tachineputa Museum, a museum in Goshogawara where gigantic floats can be seen ⇒ approx. 15 min by car.
- Lake Jusanko, known as a migration area for swans ⇒ approx. 30 min by car.
- Cape Tappi, said to be from where Minamoto no Yoshitsune headed to Hokkaido, and was even sung about in a hit song ⇒ approx. 90 min by car.
How to get there?
From Goshogawara Station (JR Gono Line): Take the Goshogawara bus bound for Toyokawa and get off at Inagaki Onsen-mae Bus Stop (approx. 25 min). Immediate access from there.
By car: Exit the Tohoku Expressway at Namioka IC and continue along Route 101 for about 35 min (30 km). Landmark: Goshogawara Pier.

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